The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 138

The Oscars, will you watch it?

As I have gotten older, my appreciation for good, artistic film and great acting has most certainly increased. Sure, I love an occasional action film and over recent years, even your traditional franchise films such as Bond, has become more about character development as well as a blending of great acting, a ‘humbling of certain characters’ as well as a more concentrated effort to bring a more diverse cast accompanied with meaningful dialogue.

Okay, enough of Bond, to get  to the point of this blog, those at the Oscars who determine which/who/what will be up for nomination and their continued avoidance of superb minority actors (actors/actresses). My first question that comes to mind is, “Do those who actually choose the films to be recognized actually watch each of these films, even the ones ignored?” I seriously doubt it.

When the nominations were announced, I had to think about how many films I knew of that had minority cast in leading roles? I even mentioned it to my youngest son and after awhile, we did know of a few films, which is part of the problem, not enough production companies awarding roles to gifted minority actors and even if they do, when it comes to the Oscars, they are snubbed.

There has been some progress, we are witnessing that some production companies are giving leading roles to female actors who in fact, earned that right as well as put people in the seats, which means dollar$.  But as far as minorities, especially black minorities such as the talented Idris Elba, who in my opinion has never  delivered a sub-par performance, is ignored over and over again.


With each passing year, I am more reluctant to spend hours watching an awards program which ignores the types of performances which I like and appreciate. But then I remember that there will be many actors who feel as I do who will be nominated at least who will be in attendance for the superb work they have done, who are most likely to be white.  This situation is an unfair situation for the Academy to put them in. Just think about it for a minute, your an actor nominated, maybe for the only time in your acting career and you want the recognition and yet, you look around and you can’t help but question what you see, what – I mean, what you don’t see.

I wanted to write just a bit after reading Jada Pinkett’s  tweet and I have to say without hesitation, I support her on this as far as the lack of diversity with minorities in roles and being recognized for their artistic achievements. But as far as boycotting the Oscars? Please don’t. In my opinion, more can be done by attending the event and respectively being vocal while supporting the nominees as a whole. Just make sure that once the evening is over, the spotlight remains on this and not swept under the rug.

Btw, not only is Jada a very good actor, but she is involved in many aspects of a films creative process, for example, The Human Contract, which she not only acted in but co wrote and directed.  It is most important for her to speak her mind and be a voice not only for herself but for others as well.

Actors (actors/actresses) all belong in the same breathe, I like to think that no matter the race/nationality, each want to give their best performance and I hope that those who year after year are focused on only a few should become ‘color blind’ and finally appreciate something that has increased year after year but often ignored, quality performances from all walks of life.

It’s not a difficult thing to do, just open your eyes and admire what’s before you.

peace Tone

~ by tonekinchloe on January 18, 2016.

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