The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 137





Instantaneously, much like a paranormal wildfire, the news spread worldwide and for a meaningful period of time, we Philes owned Twitter. Non-stop tweets, past recollections of the show’s previous airing and endless replays of our dvd collection led to what was a unique, greatly welcomed bond among us fans/philes. It was as if we had known each other forever, each of us united for a single purpose, to transform a possibility into a certainty.



I as well as thousands of others made it a point to make sure the Twitter feed reflected our desire as well as ‘recruiting’ new viewers of the series. Oh so many things fell into place, a tweet here and there by Gillian Anderson, tweets which set everything into motion and by late Spring, news that a time frame was set to shoot a mini season, in Vancouver, where it had all began two decades ago.

It is difficult for me to describe how I exactly felt, the excitement, the relief it was going to be done, my curiosity as to what characters would return, what story lines were being written and of course, what to expect after this mini season of six episodes? By the time it was certain, I was fortunate to have made some new friends, my new phile friends.

Over the years since the original series had ended, Gillian and David have been involved in many other artistic projects, film, shows, penning their own novels as well as in David’s case, singer/songwriter. If you aren’t aware of their accomplishments, simply Google them and follow their artistic progress over the years, their ‘portfolios’, are most impressive.

Images below not taken by me, images found on the web.


The X Files was/is great not only because of Gillian and David, but due to the genius of Chris Carter and the remarkable cast/crew/writers he surrounded himself with. I don’t really think the Fox Producers and maybe even Chris himself knew just how huge this unique show actually was, but from mid Spring until the present, there are aware now. The X Files has fans in many countries, from all walks of life, from a wide age range, each passionate about the show.

At the time this was a ‘possibility’, it became a pleasant distraction in my life, one which allowed myself to broaden my creativity as a writer. So last summer I again disappeared from some things, such as this blog, to refocus on other things which I am very passionate about, my writing, as well as a more global project which will involve many like minded individuals.

I wanted to write this blog tonight, just a week before next Sundays episode one premier. I feel guilty about neglecting my blog when so much has happened in my own little universe, things that I felt journal worthy but not suitable for public consumption, at least not yet. Be patient, good things are a coming.

The X Files mini season episode schedule as follows;

Episode one, “My Struggle”, January 24th, 2016  Mythology

Episode two, “Home Again”, January 25th, 2016 Monster of the Week

Episode three, “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”, February 1,2016

Episode four, “Babylon”, February 8, 2016

Episode five, “Founder’s Mutation”, February 15, 2016

Episode six, “My Struggle II”, February 22nd, 2016 Mythology


I hope everyone enjoys this mini season and please spread the word, recruit new Philes, flood the social networking sites about this season and our expectations of more.

Exactly a week from now we will have seen the first episode. what a relief that will be. Fox Productions have done an excellent job of keeping us in the loop, the press releases, teaser trailers, trailers, still shoots, Gillian/David/Mitch popping up here and there, that 20 minute X Files Reborn short which we all watched with eyes wide open and jaws hanging and we loved it.

Much appreciation to all those involved who made this happened, there aren’t enough words but I will close with this,


Many moons ago, when I was going through a divorce, excuse me, my family was going through a divorce. I hardly slept and often sought an escape by resting in my recliner, VCR remote in hand and watching episodes I had taped of the X Files and every once in awhile, one of my sons would wake up, find his way to me and we watch reruns together, while enjoying ice cold glasses of milk and chocolate chip cookies.


I will never forget moments such as this, they are priceless.


peace Tone


~ by tonekinchloe on January 18, 2016.

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