The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 136

Happy Fourth of July, aka Independence Day Yes, it’s me, I have surfaced again after some two months of absorbing all that around us. Happy fourth everyone! This day always makes me reflect back to being a teenager and being around those who contributed to the man I am today. It has been somewhat difficult lately for me to ‘hold my tongue’ when it comes to the hateful things said despite the positive progress made for this nation as a whole. This blog entry is not meant to sway you one way or another, but it is an honest reflection of a portion of my soul, what makes me well, me. This is not a sermon, it’s not a lecture or by any means a stranger talking down to you, I myself am no means perfect nor do I strive to be. It is our imperfections that really make us who we are, in my opinion.

We are all too aware of the Supreme Court’s recent decision that Gay Marriage is legal in all fifty states and with that decision, everyone now is suppose to truly be equal in the eyes of the courts, but instantaneously there were many who as expected voiced their objections, unfortunately. So like we do, we barrage  the masses with our own point of views, but it makes one wonder, do these people actually think about the words that have spewed from their mouths? The opposition to true equal rights for all often lean on their religious beliefs in their defense and that’s fine if they interpret the Bible and their personal choice of what religious beliefs that way. But isn’t ‘interpret’ the key word here? Pull out your favorite book of poetry from your bookshelf, open it to your most treasured poem and interpret it for me and I will hand that same poem to a stranger who has never read it before and ask that stranger to read it and give me his/her interpretation of it and I’m pretty sure that person will see something you have missed, that person will apply their own life into those words in order to grasp that poems meaning.

If you are a religious person as many are, you resist questioning the things you are not to question about religion and all that accompanies it. It is often that faith that get many through the ups and downs that are part of one’s daily lives. But when it comes to true equal rights, that right to love, even better, to fall in love with whoever happens to move you, why does this bring out the ugly in some people? When I see a couple walking hand in hand, whether it’s male and female, female and female or male and male, I see a connection, I see two secure in themselves, trusting in themselves and most important, two being their true selves, accepting their feelings towards each other. But there are some that see this display of affection and all they see is some perverted act and they immediately are repulsed by it, why? Those that are so offended by true equal rights should take some time to look within themselves, an honest look at what offends you and please then think about what possibly this couple before you may actually be striving for? Now look at the relationship you’re in, what is it that you two are striving for, what are those dreams, those pursuits you both long for? If you do this with an open mind, open heart, you will find that you two have much in common with that couple, who you so desperately try to find fault with, those problems you assume that they will have? Problems that you yourself in you’re relationship may be also experiencing. If not? Then would it not be beautiful for others to experience what you two are experiencing?

If all of us can’t envision and want a world of true acceptance then what a sad, troubled world we live in. I can’t help but wonder that if back when I was a teenager this court’s decision would have been announced then, what kind of society we would have? I see a beautiful image of more orphans like me who actually was adopted, I see less wars, this wave of acceptance and happiness that spills over into our classrooms, our streets, our businesses and yes, even our churches. But now again, even those most sacred of places to seek peace, comfort, that place to which is no longer safe is under attack, churches, synagogues, temples. It’s like the sixties are happening all over again, the worst part of that era. Senseless murders, church burnings, symbols of pride meant to reflect that pride but are now remembered as symbols of hatred, prejudice.

Progress often means moving beyond that which has held us back, that which has brought out the worst in us yet here we are again, oddly repeating that which will only bring us down. When I think of this day, the fourth, I try to put myself in the mind of all of those who laid their lives on the line for the better of this country, their want of true freedom, equal rights for all, these people defended those rights for future generations, what would those who perished for us think of this country repeating those same mistakes that restrict us today of becoming a true united nation?

On a closing note, this want, this desire for a better country, isn’t this the reason why so many want to live here?

peace Tone

Please excuse me if this isn’t adequately proof read

~ by tonekinchloe on July 4, 2015.

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