The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 135

A heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mothers out there. I want to say to enjoy a restful day, but even on this day set aside for you, you’ll be seeing after things, tending to things, concerned about many things, while attempting to catch your breath, admire the love around you, the love that you are largely responsible for. It must be difficult, this identity you all have, first being a moms so nurturing yet stern when you have to be, being a woman, you’re hoping that those around you see you as much more, a beautiful woman who still has her dreams, not mere goals, but actual dreams to which at some point in your life, you’d love to pursue. You are all ladies amplified, most deserving of someone holding a door open for you, perhaps pulling a chair out for you, even better, complimenting the dress that now days you rarely get to wear.

On a daily and even nightly basis, you are ready at a seconds notice, you spring into action even when every ounce of energy in your being is sapped, drained, yet you somehow summon it when needed. Your attention is constantly demanded, Mom, can I? Mom, he just hit me and a classic, I didn’t spill it, so and so did. At day’s end you are mentally and physically drain, you want to soak in a tub with a glass of wine and that book you have yet to finish when a loud knock brings it all back to reality, Mom, I gotta pee!

While they grow around you, as life seems to just pass you by, you still pause and think, What if? A thought that you quickly push from your mind, you pass a mirror, sometimes you don’t recognize the woman you see. Yet as you look what you don’t see is that you are even more beautiful now then you ever have been, in so many ways. All that you do may seem at times to be unnoticed, but it is noticed and greatly appreciated, just unfortunately the right words of appreciation are often hard to choose, a mere thank you is not enough, you all deserve much more than that.

Unfortunately my parents gave us up at a very young age, we all were deposited into an orphanage in Houston, Texas, as I have written about here before. I say that my parents gave us up but actually my Mom had lil say so in it, my father was the driving force behind it, long story which I won’t go into now. So the cottage mothers at the orphanage raised me, one in particular, Ethel Allen was my new mom, she tolerated me, taught me to rely on no one, learn to do things yourself, wash dishes, cook, clean, do your laundry, pick up after yourself, she even sat me down and explained the right and wrong way to treat a woman (girl) the subtle things that make a big difference.

Her guidance and wisdom was priceless, your guidance and wisdom is priceless and although I don’t know many who might read this, I myself love all you mothers for gutting it out, for summoning that bit of energy that we men would not have, unless we are single parents, even thing, you ladies (mothers) are far better at multi-tasking than we are.

Mothers first, okay yea, but even now, to this day, it’s never too late for you to find time for yourself, to pursue your dreams, whether it be to return to college, start your own business, plan your own lil escape to an exotic place to unwind, to recharge. Mothers especially need their own space, even if it’s just for an hour , a day or whatever you can manage. Your kids will be fine, you along with your husband, companion, partner raised them right.

Again, Happy Mothers Day!

~ by tonekinchloe on May 10, 2015.

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