The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 132

The X File nation received great news tonight, Fox is in talks to continue The best show ever, The X Files.

Yes, you heard me. Some four hours ago, the internet, Twitter and Facebook as well as other social networking sights were set ablaze with that announcement and if someone had lit a fuse, the net exploded, with the topic of the X Files, trended often.

1421540399109   There has been rumor going on for years, there has been hints from Chris Carter himself as well as Gillian’s and David’s desire to see at least, a third feature film and for the most part, that was all the X File nation expected, with shooting sometime in 2016. But as much as we all wanted our favorite show back, time passed and passed and passed, until tonight. This brilliant drama/paranormal masterpiece which kept us on the edge of our seats, this jewel of a show allowed us to want to sit in the darkness and be transfixed into a portal which would put us into the shoes of Mulder and Scully themselves and through their eyes, we questioned everything and trusted no one.

i myself, many years ago made sure I would be at home early, snacks in hand, in my recliner as this notice appeared on my television screen,

xfiles3 And with this and without their well-known theme music, but in silence, it all began. I was blown away by what I was seeing and as each minute passed, I made mental notes of the questions that I wanted answered, I got a sense of who would be a ‘good’ character and those who I would hate, (cancer man) I saw you leaning on that filing cabinet when Scully was being interviewed before going to the ‘basement’ to introduce herself to a suspicious Mulder.

So that first night, I popped in a blank vhs tape and recorded episode one and with each passing week, my collection of recorded X File episodes grew. So when my third son awoke during the night due to teething, fever or whatever. We watched those recorded episodes over and over. The X Files was a show that enhanced the fan’s imagination, it challenged us to question and debate what we thought had just happened while attempting to predict next week’s episode.

xfiles5 One thing that stood out, it was something of utmost importance was the respect for each other that Scully and Mulder had. Unlike most programs which would immediately have the male and female stars in a predictable relationship, Chris Carter and the other writers allowed us to witness a bond growing between them both and that alone meant so much too me, it made the show much more realistic in a story that was introducing the possibility of aliens as well as other unbelievable characters.

The scene below is from the pilot episode, Mulder reaching upwards while standing on an X which he had spray painted hours earlier. Mulder screaming in satisfaction that he was indeed right, it’s a powerful scene.

xfiles4 If you witnessed that pilot episode, then you know exactly how he felt and this photo is a great depiction of how the X File nation felt tonight. Something I did notice tonight was not only the thousands of tweets from here in the United States, but there were many tweet posts from around the world! Who would have known? We did, we knew the show was much bigger than most expected and we knew that many wanted it back with a passion.

xfiles  Of course there are uncertainties about what exactly is in the details of X Files return, but from the many posts as well as the escalating reports week by week hinting to its return, we can sleep better knowing that we the legion of X File fans are united and can’t be ignored.

1421540163740    Yes, the revival has arrived. The world is in a bad place right now and the X Files is quite relevant I think, don’t you?

title_X-Files_blu-ray And so it begins, our favorite pair, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully will explore the unknown, challenge everyone and everything while trusting no one, but surely allies are going to be by their side, but who?

xfiles9 So put your X in a window of your home, place a small lamp behind it. You should receive a vistor with a light knock upon your door or even a call, no voice, just a few clicks then they hang up.  xfiles10And patiently wait  and while you wait, enjoy some sunflower seeds, pile the husks on the coffee table and just wait. As in many episodes, the husks of the sunflower seeds were proof that Mulder had been around or was near. the X Files are returning and all is great in our universe.

IMG_20150117_205028 I want to believe.

peace Tone

~ by tonekinchloe on January 18, 2015.

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