The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 124

An Unpleasant Cycle – Ferguson

This is the type of blog I didn’t want to write, I wanted so much to avoid it for many reasons, one which is the ugliness that accompanies the actions of a person or persons who may have committed a foul, due to either his or her irresponsible action which in itself creates a chain reaction, in this case, a young man, for whatever reasons, decided to go into a store, steal some cigars and from that point, a series of events take place, him pushing the employee who at that time was in charge of the store. So once this young man walked out that door, not only would his life change, but also that as his immediate family, as well as the local community and all those that make that community function, prosper and unite.

That above paragraph does not even begin to explain nor define what, where or how all this actually began. Was there a single incident? Why yes, there were many ‘single’ incidents, some dating back generations and in my lifetime, I’ve witnessed such incidents of racial discrimination, racial profiling, people making mistakes which unfortunately escalated into tragedy, someone being killed, far too soon. I myself, raised an orphan, as I have written about here many times, was brought up in an area of Houston which was made of up of many minorities of different races. So in regards to myself, I was not on the outside looking in, but I myself was in the inside. My best friend back then was a black male and as we went about our young lives, I saw and felt sorry for him due to the constant being ‘under suspicion’.

I could write all night about the sacrifices many Black Americans have made on the civil rights front, but instead I will look at this latest tragedy as a confused, angry and saddened man. If you ask me who is at fault here I would have to say that there are many who share the blame, many. One’s action, whether it be something positive or in this case negative was the spark that invoked such reactions that it not only left a community angry and wanting answers, but as it such incidents like this do, it shook tens of millions about this country awake. As an earthquake would disrupt the world around you, prompting the response, ” here we go again.”

I sat on my couch with my cat Jasmine at my side and was angered, stunned at what I saw taking place after the irresponsible delay of announcing the grand juries decision. I saw the hundreds of peaceful protestors, exercising their rights to assemble and be heard being silenced by the violent actions of many who unlike the peaceful gathering, these were hell-bent on destroying, looting, while making many like me, flash back to all those violent and intense images I witnessed in person as well as the broadcast of such incidents which brought about more awareness and certainly more anger.

I still today feel that Zimmerman pursued Trayvon Martin and killed him, no one can change my stance on that. After that trial ended, I said to a close friend, “we haven’t heard the last of Zimmerman, this asshole is no good.” Later we all would see the news reports of Zimmerman’s continual disregard to the civil rules that apply to each of us. But with the Michael Brown killing, I surely expected a trial, I was certain this cop would have to answer for his decision to pull his weapon and fire seven bullets into another human being. But with the announcement there would be no such trial, this pot of boiling frustrations, this ever-growing want of justice that some are entitled to while many are not, boiled over. Am I trying to justify a mass of people destroying their own community? Certainly not, but like many, I saw it coming.

f7  Protest in itself should always be the definitive step that ensures opening the door of justice or the attempt of justice. For those who make such decisions to go to trial or not expect everyone to just except what words they put on paper as gospel, we don’t. Do you really think that just because you say you’ve investigated this incident and processed your reports that people would just say that they believe you? How can anyone believe something that they know in their bones to be untruth.

f5 I myself will never be convinced that the cop needed to put seven bullets into someone in order to keep that person from advancing a cop who has already fired his weapon. The only time I’ve heard of such bizarre behavior by a person is when that person is on PCP, aka Angel Dust and no, Michael Brown had no such drugs in his system.

f8 Images which remind us of another time, same problems.

f10 Powerful images, f4

Where do we go from here when no one person is at fault? How does one even begin to heal? You certainly can’t forget.

f9It’s not just a black problem, this is everyone’s problem, we all should care, it begins at home and branches outwards, doesn’t it?

f13  f2There should be a trial, there must be accountability, the faults must be exposed, there has to be a fair attempt at justice. The family deserves this as well as the millions of others who are watching this take place and with each day that passes, more frustrations build up. With the meaningful protests which are taking place in many cities across our nation, how can you continue to ignore the want of the people for justice, a fair trial. If the cop did nothing wrong, then why are they afraid to go to trial?

Whose at fault? Hell, everyone is at fault.

peace tone


~ by tonekinchloe on November 27, 2014.

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