The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 123

So I’m thinking Ghosts,

The story/book I’m working on will actually be book one of a trilogy and in book one and two, it does briefly into paranormal, to be more specific, Ghosts. However, it is not a ‘paranormal’ tale but has more a paranormal flavor to it. Confused? I already have extensive knowledge in that field and have always enjoyed the stories that usually accompany a photo, especially the photos that have been dissected in an attempt to prove real or hoax. So this afternoon and evening, I have been on-line looking for a particular type of photo(s) to help me with a ‘sticking point’ in a crucial scene I’m working on. I came across two photos that caught my attention, one in particular that even had me recollecting my first summer spent at summer camp in Spring, Texas.

ghost1  This photo shot near a railroad crossing just south of San Antonio, Texas. Caergwrle Bridge Ghost

Ghostly image taken on the Packhorse Bridge, in Caergwrle, Wales.This bridge is an entrance to a former burial ground. Both photos I found on-line and not taken by me. This images made me think back when I was about eleven years old, I had snuck out of a cabin very late at night to meet friends. We had walked a few hundred years away from the camp and to an area rumored to be visited by ghost. The origin of this began after a couple had died when their home burnt down to the slab of concrete foundation. I, as well as the others suspected the tale was fabricated by those counselors who worked the camp, we found out that nothing could be further from the truth.
   We had stood around, some actually giving up and left for their cabins, but three of us remained and just as we ourselves was about to call it a night, the only girl with us cleared her throat, motioned for me to look behind me and there it was, an off white image, it moved about the slab. It’s appearance was petite and more blurred from about its waist line area to the ground, which btw, never actually touched the ground. It was when one of us coughed that the image turned our way and looked. It was a she and her face more visible than the rest of her body, we ran away as quick as our feet would take us.
   I only mention this memory because it is something that provides me with a better visual of how I would eventually direct an indy film with a believable scene for my audience. The name given to the ghostly image at Pine Tree Camp was, Old Lady White, typical tag for a ghost eh?
   So just like the hoax photos/videos of UFOS, there are an over abundance of photos of ghostly images, many hard to distinguish from real or fake due to the excellent software programs at our disposal, for example – Photoshop. I do like that at my fingertips, I can surf the web and find anything to research, anything to fuel the fire. The two photos I’ve included with this simple blog are said to be actual images, witnessed by many over time. Who really knows?
   But as I now must break away from this simple blog to return to book one, I must say that I am delighted with the blogs I have been following here on Word Press, you all are very good at what you write, with your own way of presenting it.
peace tone

~ by tonekinchloe on November 22, 2014.

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