The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 118

Late at Night, Atop a Roof Somewhere in France

She would not tell me why she wanted us to climb out of her second floor bedroom window, she only said it was a surprise. We grabbed a quilt, a single pillow and that bottle of wine we were enjoying, along with a joint. It was around 1:00 am, a star filled sky, the breeze was slight, moving from right to left. The roof overhang we laid on was ten by twelve, the strong yet pleasant aroma of nature was refreshing to breathe in. Her parents home, her home, was nestled just below a mountain which was but a silhouette this late at night. Some above ground level, in fact at a few places upwards, you could hear the bells on the necks of the sheep slowly moving about. You would think they would be asleep, but even now, perhaps because of the clear night sky, they chose to graze about that mountain

We sat at first, myself overwhelmed by the onslaught of stimuli my senses were being treat to. Of coarse, I attempted to restart the sex we had been having just feet inside just minutes ago. But she was adamant about my behaving and to focus upwards, towards the heavens. So now laying back, with her head on my chest, we were most quite. I could hear the ghostly howl of the wind making its way between the mountains, as slowly the bells, those peaceful bells faded, became silent and she whispered, “Look Tone.” So my eyes search the area of the night sky she directed me to, her fingertip pointing upwards and moving from right to left directly overhead. I wiped my eyes and saw it, a single yet somewhat larger, star like in its shape, move across the night line, in a perfect straight line.

So I remarked, ” It’s far too high for a plane,” To which she responded in her beautiful French accent, “It’s a satellite.” Which made sense, due to its straight line flight path/orbit. But the she elbows me and now tells me, “Now watch just over there.” My heart raced, my eyes now were more vessels, traveling upwards to get a better, more closer look and then, my eyes widened, I looked over at her and could still see her beautiful smile. My attention quickly upwards again, there was one object, moving quickly, changing directions even more quickly. It was much larger than the satellite which only minutes ago passed by. She giggled, her finger-pointing at another one, as it quickly caught up with the first one. At times they flew along side each other, then in an instant, again changing coarse and accelerating even faster. It was difficult at this distance to determine a shape or even a good descriptive color.

At times I felt as if I was watching a tennis match, my head stuck in a right to left movement then changing to directly overhead to a more vertical movement, while doing my best to ignore the ever-growing pain in my neck. I glanced at her, to find her looking at my expressions and not upwards. Then it dawned on me, what I was indeed witnessing was an ongoing event, perhaps almost ritualistic, she has seen it many times, hell she even had the time frame within minutes. What now seemed endless most likely was actually taken place with a two to three-minute span. One flew upwards and out of view and the second? Well the second object disappeared then at our far left, it appeared and zipped past us, it shot across from our left to right, my lower and possibly like the wind, made its way between the mountains.

No, I couldn’t see it, it was more a trek of light, narrow in its size, as it moved on. We did hear a crackling in the air, some second or two after it passed. Stunned and delighted by what I saw, she then told me of her first time witnessing this and how she suspected that the passing satellite was something of a mild concern to the objects, these UFOs.

We laid out on that roof a couple of hours more, talked, kissed and drifted off to sleep for a bit. But soon the nights cooler weather, just between those mountains forced us back inside. I’m pretty sure I hummed the theme music for the X-Files, yea I know I did. I made love to her most passionately and kept myself in her and we held each other and drifted off to sleep.

The Truth , peace Tone

~ by tonekinchloe on November 2, 2014.

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