The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 116

I’ve always had problems sleeping, been that way most of my life. If you’ve follow my blog then you are aware of this. I deal with it, but what I have always had a struggle with is feeling caged in, anxiety and stress levels increasing, accompanied with a lack of sleep and much on my mind I’d like to change, I had found some things quite useful in minimizing those, ‘issues’. Meditation came easy for me, once I understood what I needed to do to be able to focus and release and to breathe properly.

Being an active guy, working out and the injuries that go along with aging, I also have used a good massage therapist when necessary, where ever I traveled to or lived. Some fourteen years ago, my attempts to cope with decisions I made, decisions which had to be made, I felt at times like I was about to explode. A girl I was dating suggested a good massage therapist, one which had similar views on life, nature and the importance of minimizing stress.

So I made an appointment (I won’t name the place). Met her just inside and noticed a more relaxing decor with the appropriate music, more tranquil, certainly not loud. After a brief interview of my wants and my busy, strenuous lifestyle, she gave me a decent massage and upon completion, she laid some paperwork on my chest, while I was still laying down, doing her sales pitch and the ‘packages’ she had to offer and their cost. $$$$$$$$$$ She then went on about how they are a chain, with many all over Texas.

This killed it, I informed her that what she was offering was more an illusion and not the place I felt could help me. I politely got up, paid her for that visit and went on my way. She walked me out, not being concerned about why I was leaving, but I’m certain due to the potential dollars walking out the door.

About a month had passed, body stayed tense, tossing and turning at night, while eating poorly, a friend of mine at the gym told me of a place, he swore by this particular person. So over the phone, I made an appointment and the following day, dropped in for a massage. It was located in a strip center along an outbound freeway in Houston, I walked in, asked for Bobbie and within a minute, she walked to me and shook my hand and asked me to wait in the room.

The room, it was maybe ten foot by eight foot, very thin walls, I could hear conversations taking place from outside the door, I felt like animal in a cage, suffocating. So I leap to my feet as soon as I was leaving she met me and saw the expression on my face and told her coworkers she would be back. So she walks me to my truck, hands me her card and say, “I’m sorry, I should have seen that you could not possibly relax here, give me a call later and we’ll discuss you.”

I had no intention of calling her but I got to thinking of something she said, about being able to see that I could not be able to relax etc. So I called and over the phone we talked for an hour, about everything, my heavy workload while commuting between two cities to which I lived in. My divorce which took place years before, past relationships and my present one, my insomnia as well as the many operations I’ve had in my life. So she tells me that she would gladly help me and the massages would take place on the second floor of her home. (Yea, my first thought was sex for money) But I was wrong.

She asked me to come by after my evening workout and as I did so, she showed me the upstairs, spacious and decorated according to her taste of course. The room which the massage would take place was huge, a plate-glass window made up one wall, small speakers placed about, candles burning, Sigur Ros playing very softly, and a rather large bathroom, shower massage, garden tub and immaculately clean. The massage table was larger than most, clean white towels spread about.

While I showered, she sat nearby and conducted a brief question and answered interview, she jotted down some things and when I turned off the shower, she asked me not to dry off and to lay face down. I had wrapped a towel around me and made my way to the table when she said that I could lay naked or she could put a towel on my butt area, I chose naked. As she began, she talked only a short while and asked, How I felt? Was there any kind of anxiety/stress issues right now? I explained how I felt and ask her for only one thing, to help me escape mentally, set my mind free. I thought she would laugh at my odd request, but she understood it completely.

So for ninety minutes, she worked/massaged my aching body, at one point she had climbed up and straddled my lower back, to better massage the large amount of muscle in my back/shoulders, buttocks etc. At times I drifted off to sleep and was only awakened to be turned over. i remember her opening a window to let fresh air in and hearing the ching of a small set of chimes just outside that window. My body became limp, very relaxed and for the first time in quite a while, I saw things differently.

Oh, I can go on and on how each she addressed every part of my body, how she brought me spring water to sip as I needed it, I recall every second, even the ones which I slept through, strange eh? Her fee was lower than I expected and I tipped her generously. She walked me down the steps, my legs wobbly due to the relaxed state my entire body was in. She remarked about how my facial expression had changed, I could only smile and thanked her.

I asked if I could be a regular client of her’s and to my delight, she agreed. So twice a week for almost a year, she herself was my means to escape all that ailed me. One would think that over that span of time, her means would become more routine, but that was never a problem. I ended up moving on and never used her gift again. Another precious moment in time.

peace tone


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