The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 115

Just because you feel it, doesn’t mean it’s there.

Thom Yorke – Radiohead

I’ve been working a lot of hours lately, some ten-twelve hour days, which allows me to get home, feed Jasmine the cat, shower and eat, then perhaps a little writing. Met a new friend on twitter, she’s cool to talk to. I won’t mention her name here, privacy is always a big thing with me. But I have this blog so does that mean I’m contradicting myself ? lol

I will continue to be busy through October, then I’m planning that much-needed escape I’ve mention here and there before. I will be taking this Thursday off, I never work on my birthday, it’s my treat to me. =)

Oh yeah, it’s about time I’ve gotten another laptop, the keys on this one are sticking etc. Plus its three times the weight of most ones out today.

Okay, here goes,

By the time I had gotten off the train it was just about 4am, the platform was vacant except for a small dog sleeping under a bench, it raised its head to acknowledge me then returned to it cautious sleep. There was a man some thirty meters away, he was coughing loudly and smoking at the same time, this makes no sense too me. Some trash blew from the right to the left, yesterday’s daily newspaper I presume and also just a hint of urine about. I suspect the local homeless used this area for sleep and a toilet, typical I would say.

The small handbag, my reading glasses and a brown paper bag which contained some pastries from two-day ago, was the only items I carried. I’m not quite sure why I kept the two-day old scones, but as I walked past the bench, I dropped them at the dog’s feet. He leaped startled then as it took a whiff at the bag, he devoured it before I made my way to the street. You’re welcome.

I figured that I would just walk the mile plus to her cottage, I certainly didn’t expect her to pick me up but there she was, with the engine of the VW beetle idling, she opened her door and stood by the door, once she saw that it was me, we met some foot or so behind the bumper. As dark as it was, I could still make out her beautiful eyes, that quaint little smile and of course, the way she walked. Minutes later we were but blocks from her home.

Funny how we both kept talking at the same time, so much to say and at the same time, enjoyed the little moments of silence. It was then that the Chanel she wore took a hold of me, a bit dizzy, almost high like, I loved it. Pulling up into the drive, the engine now silent, we both silent as well, turned to face each other, a small yet very pleasing kiss and we were one again, I may never leave this place again,


~ by tonekinchloe on September 27, 2014.

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