The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 108

Oh my, what in the hell is going on with the world? I have countless notes on my point of views on this and on that. The question is, where does one even begin to start a meaningful discussion, the lesser of not two but many evils?

We have planes shot out of the air, hundreds murdered and those who killed them treated their bodies as garbage laying in a landfill, when in fact, those bodies who had nothing to do with those waging war below, were in fact laying unattended in a crime scene, with no proper respect shown to them or their families thousands of miles away.

The fighting between Israel and those in the Gaza strip, when does it end? When will adults behave like adults and stop the killing of women and children while trying to justify the outcome as collateral damage?

Ebola virus is back, only a plane flight away from arriving in your country, in my country.

Droughts, storms, famine, homeless all while hundreds in Washington D.C. blame each other, they bitch and try to cover their own ass while all along, proving to us residents of our nation that the real problem is the ‘unwillingness’ of many to attempt to fulfill campaign promises, not only made by our president but by the many elected under our president to represent and serve us, the people who placed them there.

I took a break recently and opened my mind and thought back as far as I could while trying to recall every acting president in my life time I’ve voted for and you know what? In every single presidency, everyone in my adult lifetime, Nixon, Johnson, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama (yes some may be out-of-order), I realized that despite even the ones I did not vote for, but as an American, once they were in office I did tried to support, each one while trying to do right by the American people, each one wrestled and fought with those in the Senate, Congress etc.

So I imagined the what if? What if all those past presidents had those under them to also actually have our best interest in mind? Imagine, just how better off as a nation we would be? The past few months I’ve heard many upset and many from all walks of life and political sides basically say the same thing, the real problem is those in congress, the senate who only become aware when its time for re-election or when its politically correct to be so and even then, they come across as morons, as incompetent.

It would be nice if we could clean house, vote them all out so at least our next president will be more appreciated and even better, be truly working with those who truly have the future in their best interest and not some ancient dinosaurs who only care about their bank accounts and to hell with the world and the environment, leave that worry to someone else.

Immigration? Seriously? Decades ago this would be looked upon quite differently but guess what? Today’s world is much different from let’s say, the sixties. America has always been and looked upon as the saviors of the world, especially the worst of the world. Times are different, we aren’t appreciated as we were before and this lack of worldly appreciation did not happen over night, it took many years to become this way.

As with any country, we have to know who enters our country, we have to. But to actually be able to accomplish this is near impossible and everyone outside of America knows this, everyone. Corporate America knows this, they need cheap labor and there is the problem, money. So as we all now know, people elsewhere are shoving their own children into the night while pointing in our direction, knowing the good hearts that exist in most Americans, can not turn them away.

So not just hundreds, but thousands have become our responsibility? It breaks my heart to even imagine a child, a toddler wandering out there, fighting hunger and thirst along the way, hiding from those who would use them in sex-trafficking. Who can do this? What parent would even consider driving your own out into the night, not knowing if they live or die while they go back inside and lay their head on their pillows at night and actually sleep? I’m sorry but this makes no sense to me, none.

Of course we are going to feed them and clothe them and make sure they are bathe and have a roof over their heads at night, it’s what we do. People on the outside bitch about us but like them, they only see what the media over there wants them to perceive of us and yes, that goes both ways. But there has to be a point in which even us say, enough is enough and this is one of the main reasons why,

Right now, over a thousand has died of the Ebola virus in Africa, a virus which indeed spreads quickly. Who, please tell me who can reassure us that every single person making the trek to our country is disease free? You can’t say that because the country they leave doesn’t have anything serious to worry about because, we don’t know what each person may be exposed to along the way, we just don’t.

I being an orphan, am all about properly seeing after the little ones to some degree, but there must be some form of control over it and by all means, it must be through a legal process, legal yes, illegal no. We have to know who is entering our country, just as other  countries are also concerned.

I know sometimes I tend to ramble on, but using this medium to vent does work, I appreciate your patience and understanding. I have revised the blog #106 and will show you how it looks after a first revision the next time I’m around, always busy on my end.

peace tone

~ by tonekinchloe on July 28, 2014.

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