The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 100

For well over a week now, I have been thinking about what my 100th blog here would be about? You would think it would be easy to select a topic, but it has not. Over the past few weeks I’ve had friends move away, my neighbor Asia just gave birth to a precious little girl, both are doing well. I’ve avoided the television, mostly due to the epidemic of evil people shooting people at public places, schools etc. I even thought of a short creative story about Friday the 13th and that full moon which accompanied it, but the topic I have chosen, one that I feel strongly about, is rape.

Unfortunately we all know of someone who has been raped and if you don’t know of anyone, it is because of the legal attacks on the victims and the public display of this that makes that victim keep it to them self , ensuring an agonizing mental stress that will take its toll on that person’s overall health and also on that person’s general trust in the world as a whole.

So being that rape can happen anywhere and to anybody, for this blog I will direct it towards rape which occurs in our military academies as well in the armed forces itself. I don’t know the numbers, those stats that people seem to manipulate for the media and courts, but I do know that many women in those academies, such as West Point have been raped, some have come forward, only to be publicly ridiculed, their personal life put on display, this most intrusive, monstrous violation against someone who sole desire is to defend this free country of ours.

This is the part which bothers me, as a man myself and I can say this with 100% certainty, that if I witnessed, had knowledge of an individual(s) who had violated someone this way, I would without hesitation turn that person(s) in and possibly for a few minutes, treat that person(s) as they monsters they are. Now this is where it really bothers me, how can any man, sworn to uphold the moral conduct codes to which these military academies and armed forces are rooted in, just simply ignore this criminal act, do nothing about it, cower down and ignore it out of fear they themselves would become outcasts?

The few victims who went through the lengthy process of attempting to bring charges against the violator(s) were themselves for the most part made to blame. If any such case was successful in a guilty outcome, then the punishment did not fit the crime and many names were kept out of the public media. It seems over the past few decades, men in general have let down the women around us, in one way or another.

It used to be that females actually looked upon us as protectors, but now? Predators. It angers me and saddens me that the women of our world, who have struggled so hard to get to be treated as equals, are still a long ways away from that. There still has to be some real, caring men who still believe that the women around us are to be respected, protected and admired for getting to where they are today. When I was a teenager, it was unheard of that women would ever serve a unit that would actually put them in harm’s way, but here they are, doing just that.

But did they ever imagine that even before they are stationed overseas, in hostile territories that they would have to endure such a battle here at home, while preparing to serve their country, the country that they love? So I will end this blog with this, to those of you real men out there, who know of these ongoing violations against our women, why don’t you man up? Why don’t you find others that feel like you and take matters into your own hands, exposing these monsters and perhaps forcing those in charge to finally do something about this?

I would rather speak out, point out those who commit such crimes so that when I pass a woman in the street, that she makes eye contact with me and knows that real men still do exist and chivalry is not dead. If you feel strongly as I do about this, please pass this along. peace Tone


~ by tonekinchloe on June 15, 2014.

2 Responses to “The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 100”

  1. Good 100th. I love that you’re strong enough to speak out about obvious failing in our system. ❤

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