The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 97

Four summers ago here in Texas, we again was experiencing another long drought. I think the average temp was 107 degrees. Directly across the street from where we live is a large vacant lot and behind it, two abandoned houses with some ten yards of space in between. Of course the grass, plant life was either dead or dying. I came across these cacti-type plants, they were suffering from lack of water and most were laying on the ground, pretty much gone.

So I dug a hole in my yard, made sure good soil was in it then went back across the street and with a shovel, managed to cut through one of the stalks of one of the one’s still alive, wrapped the cut end in a water-soaked towel and transplanted it in our yard. It stood maybe two feet off the ground and for the next several days, I let the water hose trickle into the dirt.

We were all pleased to see that after a month, it was indeed in better shape and sometime later, showed signs of growing. That was four years ago and as of today, that plant is about five feet tall, vibrant and colorful and doing quite well. So about ten days ago, a neighbor noticed something sprouting from the top and over the next few days, I took a pic of its progress.

cac1  cac2

cac3  cac4






We are all happy to see such a rejuvenation in something that many had walked past, ignored. We (myself and neighbors) are beginning to suspect that this is directly related to Asia, one of our neighbors who is eight and a half months pregnant and due at any time, a sign of good fortune perhaps? I know that I could have done a better job with the pics, but I’m sure you can get an idea of its progress. I will post a final pic or two of this soon.

Joy in nature, enough said. peace Tone

Oh yea, do any of you know what type of plant this is? I found out this is a Yucca plant, also known as, Ghost in the Graveyard….


~ by tonekinchloe on June 1, 2014.

One Response to “The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 97”

  1. I really loved this story Tone. This is just one facet of your nature that makes you a unique and beautiful person.

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