The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 96

Our good neighbor and friend Danny Welch moved away today, after finishing his grad-work at Texas A&M. It bothers me, I admit when someone you are fond of, someone you consider more family than anything else moves on. I know that this sadness I feel will eventually subside and although we knew that he was moving, never the less does it prepare you for that, ‘ ah man’ feeling that sticks in your craw.

It is good to see him move on out there, to eventually find that thing that he will focus and work on and I’m sure excel at. I do hope that we all stay in touch, my youngest son, Michael was good friends with him and I’m sure those two will keep in touch. We are all proud of his accomplishments here and wish him nothing but the best in his endeavors.

During my absence from here recently, I have been sick with some kind of stomach virus/fever, to which I attempted to rest while running a marathon back and forth from the bathroom. But after a week of that, I’m happy to say that I’m feeling much better and will get back to doing what I like to do, writing.

Some three weeks ago, I had made a note about a strange feeling I sensed that was stirring inside of me and even today that sensation still is apparent. It always bothers me when I’m this way, not knowing what is to take place, that lingering uncertainty. It’s there, as if someone was standing behind me and tapping me on the shoulder, at times even a flash image in my mind’s eye.

*** I wanted to mention something here about a Kickstarter project I am backing as well as many others, The Reading Rainbow – fundraising project. My three sons all grew up on this as well as millions of others and it is indeed something to be kept going and most important, something that must evolve to be able to reach more and fit well with today’s technology and social networks/forums. The Reading Rainbow project is far exceeding what was needed, with now expanding goals to reach more worldwide. My only concern is this, ‘ Should this project be one that charges for its apps and service?’

I have read that in some cases, there will be no such charge but that is not the case for others who can afford the fee. Also it would require that each student have his/her own tablet to be able to use this most valuable tool. I’m sure that over time, this will all be worked out. Levar Burton has always been someone who is passionate about reading and the importance of it as well as the many doors it will open, presenting countless opportunities one would otherwise miss out on.

I do hope that as Reading Rainbow evolves, it will provide a means to actually teach one to read in the most isolated of places which lacks any form of ‘teachings’. On a final note, it is great to see so many who like me, valued this educational program, come to its aid and support by even the smallest of contributions. You see, there is strength in numbers and with that strength comes power, as well have here, the power of reading and broadening one’s most important asset, your imagination.

peace tone

~ by tonekinchloe on May 30, 2014.

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