The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 94

Some rather disturbing happened late two nights ago and I’m a bit perplexed as to how to deal with it, so after much thought, I will make a blog out of it and not use the names, unfortunately this is true.

So around 2:00 am I walked outside and see a car parked in our parking that doesn’t belong to any of my neighbors or me, so I’m thinking tow time. I go inside and ask my son if he knows who it belongs to? He doesn’t. So I figure to let it slide, since living near the ‘bar area’ beside the University, thinking they will come along and drive off etc.

But it’s now after 2:30 am and the black car is still there. So now my son hears noise coming from my neighbor’s, we share a duplex and I know that my neighbor is gone for a few days, right? So I go outside and notice the window just to the left of the door is wide open, as if someone went through that way. So I to hear someone inside and I knock, it gets quite and I knock again, then I hear someone not only unlock the two deadbolts, but also unlock the Chain Lock????

So lets call him  Mr. A opens the door, who I just happen to know, he is a friend of the neighbor who is away. I ask, ” dude, is that you car out there, the black one? We were fixing to tow it?” Now he is drunk and shakes his head then leans back and ask a young woman who happens to be sitting (hiding) on the couch behind the door, surely she wasn’t planning on speaking, in fear of revealing herself to me. But she does. Once I hear her voice, I recognize her, she is a mutual friend of us and a ‘friend’ of Mr. A’s girlfriend, whom we shall call, Miss B.

Mr. A and Miss B actually live together, the girl on the couch I will call, Miss C. Now Miss C’s hair is messed up, she looks at me and quickly looks down. So they are busted, if you know what I mean? So while shaking my head, I go back inside my place when my son and I purposely have a conversation about what is really taking place next door and my feelings about it. So now we hear them locking the door and the both of them climbing out the window to leave.

My son opens the door and ask, ” does (our neighbor) know you are doing this while he is away?” Mr. A says nothing, but looks down stumbling and Miss B replies reluctantly, “It’s cool”, which of course it isn’t. So she looks at me and again her hair is messed up, she tries to pat it down and she also forget to fasten the button on her shorts. So they get in her car and I walk around to see how they respond, she has a scared look and he leans over to her, she drives off with him.

I know this sounds confusing, but I am friends with Miss B and also my neighbor is good friends with Mr. A, Miss B and somewhat friends with Miss C. If Miss B knew what had taken place, I’m sure that ‘appropriate consequences’ would follow. Now I am sure that as those two drove off they were trying to devise an explanation as to why things only appear the way we saw it, aka a lie.

Some hour later, after all our lights are turned off and we are in bed, I hear her car pull up, she gets out and walks around to the door area to see if I am still up, no doubt to ‘explain herself’. yes, it is indeed the fault of the both of these, ‘so called friends’. But she sees that all is dark at my place and she again drives off.

So an idiot can see what has taken place here, I myself am bothered by it because the women he actually lives with and is in a relationship with is a good person. She doesn’t deserve this. So this blog is my way to vent while at least trying voice my disgust of this. Usually something like this I figure is none of my business, this soap opera type of dilemma, but this does bother me. As far as Miss C, whom I also know, she just lost me as a friend, its her loss, not mine.

Thanks for allowing me to express my feelings towards this. Peace Tone


~ by tonekinchloe on May 11, 2014.

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