The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 92

I am reminded this past week or so that despite time, many moons past, decades of ups and downs, true friendships/young loves is indeed everlasting. This past week I have spent some time enjoying a, ‘reuniting’ of sorts with someone I know from my time at Deplechin Faith Home, the orphanage I wrote of, much earlier in this blog. We were teenagers with an attraction to each other and all the awkwardness that accompanies it. Many would say that it is impossible for young love to be anything more than a manifestation of ragging hormones, rebellion, along with the temptation to explore the unknown, sexually. But as there is some truth to that, often, this is but a mere portion of what really is taking place.

Back then, I as well as her, had little control of our immediate lives, we were nothing more but kids filling beds, out-of-the-way of those who look upon us as ‘in the way’. But as we depart that moment of our lives, move on and weather the storms, it is strange, yet beautiful how one can hold on, never to relinquish those memories of her, of him. I would be lying if I said that I never thought of her, I did, as well as many others I got to know from there. But some, like her leave a lasting impression and with that, a want to know more of what became of her?

So in a single moment, something happens and a door is opened, here we are again, reflecting on that time, many moons ago, questioning decisions we both have made back and through the many years to this point. Admissions, new revelations, with a comforting ability to talk about any and everything, knowing that judging is not an issue, but understanding is. I do wonder why at this point in my life that this door which was so seemingly closed at a time when one wishes it wasn’t, was now open? I think the answer is quite simple, the importance of one’s positive impact on one’s life is everlasting, with the ability to resurface at the appropriate time.

The reward is a renewal of a friendship, someone who relates to a past that most would want to ‘forget’. I welcome the possibility of such a friendship and I will always reflect on ‘that time’ as something of great importance and marvel at all the benefits to have been raised amongst others of a similar background with a profound wonder of what ever became of each of them. One can never go back, but at least we can appreciate and still be friends, from a more complex family.

Also this past week, my mind was on my best friend, Marissa, but I often think of her. She was down, perhaps a better way of saying it, she was bothered by something. So as great friends do, we talked over the phone and I listened. But the purpose of me mentioning this is not to reveal the nature of our conversation but to say although there were miles/states between us, I was there. It was great to see the change from bothered to a mood of laughter, realizing that we can lean on each other at any time and not feel that it is an inconvenience.

She has been there for me in the past and will always be there for me as I will her. I only wish at times that we lived closer to each other, perhaps one day. lol I laugh because our personalities ensure an air of craziness, mischievousness as well as being quite forward in our point of views, but always with a solid mutual respect. If there was a definition for, ‘having each others back’, we surely would be part of that definition. There is so much I could write here about the beauty in our friendship, in time as our friendship grows, perhaps I will.

Two women this week,  with their ability to allow me to let my guard down and enjoy being part of their lives, despite the distance. Its refreshing.

peace tone


~ by tonekinchloe on April 27, 2014.

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