The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 68

I let her pass me on the sidewalk, as she did so with a smile and a good-morning while that touch of perfume she wore lingered in the air. Her make-up, ever so little and she walked with her head up and that quaint pretty little smile. My guess was she was on her way to church and stopped off for coffee. Some twenty fifteen feet ahead she paused and held the door open for me as I hurried my pace so that she could enter without too much of a delay.

As I made my way to my favorite table to set up my laptop and get some writing done, this beautiful young woman spoke pleasantly to each that she met and thanked the barista for her help. While standing behind me as she mixed whatever suited her taste into her beverage, she made sure to say, “have a nice day” to me before exiting, her perfume, Chanel I believe, toyed with my nose a bit longer.

So as I begin to work on one of my scripts, I can’t help but wonder just how many people will she come across today with that positive and beautiful way about her and how that brief moment will affect each others lives, it has to, right?

Had I left the house a minute or two later than I most likely would have been denied this wonderful start to my day. So thank-you dear, whoever you are…….

~ by tonekinchloe on December 29, 2013.

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