The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 67

I have this friend, who I admit I am attracted to, but at present, it’s just a friendship. She works hard at her job, she has kids and loves them and lately when I’ve seen her, she smiles but also seemed a bit lost in thought. But recently I found out why, her ex-boyfriend has been coming to her job, harassing her etc.

I actually was in the store, shopping when he came in, insisted that she give him a key to HER house and also wanted to borrow her phone??? It was obvious that she was denying him what he wanted, at one point she said “I don’t want you in my house!” She asked then told him to leave, he refused and she then told him she was going to the back part of the store, which only is for employees, just so she could get away from him. He followed her back there, customers could hear her upset, shortly later she walks out to the counter, he follows.

Finally she while in front of him calls the police from her cell, he just stands near and listens, I guess he didn’t believe she would call the police. But once she ended the call, he paused then left. She was visibly shaken and she walked to me, she had things to say, like he has papers on him (warrants) and that she feared he would break into her home while she worked.

She is tired of the arguing, his abusive manner and pretty much had reached her limits. I told her what I thought of the situation as well as my concern over how seriously she should take this, him coming to her job, wanting a key and her cell, which I’m sure to look at texts , numbers called etc.  Her co-worker walked up to talk to her and at that point I went ahead and left, wishing her and her kids an early Merry Christmas.

So I ran into her two days later, in fact the day after Christmas. She informed me that he had come to her home, would not leave, the kids were afraid and crying, she called the police, just before they arrived, he shoved her to the ground. They arrested him and took him to jail. My friend looks like she hasn’t had a good nights sleep in weeks, due to having to remain alert/respond to every sound she would hear during the night.

But she seemed a bit relieved that he was caught and locked up. She talked to me about what she is doing now to assure that he can’t approached her anymore once he is released. I won’t go into any specifics, for her own protection/privacy. I usually won’t post or blog on something like this, due to it involving someone I know. But having not revealed where she works, nor any personal info on her identity, I felt there is a clear message here, one must do what is necessary to protect yourself and especially your children.

Such methods of abuse should be addressed as soon as possible before such abuse could lead to even a more violent means or end. As I write this, I am most saddened how this beautiful person, friend of mine and her children are going through a difficult time emotionally, at a time which all should be happy and blessed with their family around them. I only hope she looks at this at the ending of a bad phase of her life and a new beginning with the new year.


peace tone

~ by tonekinchloe on December 27, 2013.

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