The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 61

Dissecting one of my completed scripts.

    I’m not sure why, perhaps due to my reading, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, a quite impressive story, very detailed with no shortcuts. Now I have a long way to go before I finish it, but right away I am excited about how such a complex story was made into a script, a great script. I have seen the original three films and the superb remake of the first book starring Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig, both excellent actors.

Unlike most others, I had not read the books before the films, I sometimes enjoy doing things backwards, back to the point of this blog. A book/novel vs. a script is about as different as night vs. day, I know. But upon reading the first fifty pages or so, I was pleasantly forced to reflect on my own characters and story I have created and examine the richness it overall with a renewed desire to ensure that what I have written has depth, background were needed and most important, that little something that will make someone want to ‘know more’.

My endless revising over the years, I admit has delayed my readiness to present any of my works to the artistic world, but after some profound soul-searching recently and my willingness to take time to read more, I’ve come to accept what I have completed and now want to ‘share’. Again, back to the purpose of all this, my scripts. Most of the scripts I have written come from original stories by me. So late last night, unable to sleep, I reread an original story, some three hundred pages or so while using the script as a more visual glimpse of that story.

I found myself finding areas of the script somewhat hampered by detail, as if it was a blend of script/story understand? One may think that this is a good thing, in some ways, depending on where I am in the script, this could possibly cause some in the audience to lose interest. Because given the situation, the richness of the character, the actor should be able to see what I’m trying to relay to the audience and that actor should be able to make that role come alive, believable.

My realization of this should help me create a script within the time constraints that is marketable while still giving a director enough to keep the script true to the original story. I do plan to direct some of what I write but not all. So when I do present what I have created to an agent, the original story will accompany the script.

I know as I get better as a writer I will be more efficient while maintaining the richness of the story/characters. I’m delighted at how such a great story as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo can help me in its own way to help me become a better writer……. It still boggles my mind at how someone can create a script from something so detailed as this story is, while staying true to the original story. My compliments….peace tone


~ by tonekinchloe on November 19, 2013.

4 Responses to “The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 61”

  1. Oh I love the trilogy, you’ve seen the Swedish ones? Personally I think they’re way better, I think the American version makes the lead character ‘the girl with the dragon tattoo’ cheesy, instead for the rough independent girl she is in the original films. Thank you for your comment, I’ll remember to look away from the camera 😉
    Have a nice one!

    • I did see the three Swedish films and loved them. Also the remake with Rooney I really liked. Trent Reznor did an amazing job with the score and visually the remake was great, her acting? I liked it, but I admit she wasn’t as rough but I really liked how intelligent they portrayed her. Thanks for ur reply!

      • Cool, do you know Swedish? Ye it’s mostly the end that bothers me. When she is bringing him the jacket but instead getting heartbroken. That scene doesn’t match her original personality at all, in my opinion.

      • Oh I strongly agree, I expected her to confront him, also, who throws away a beautiful leather jacket like that? lol No I’m not Swedish. I saw a very good film last nite called, ‘violet an daisy’.. if you get a chance, please look at the trailer on youtube and tell me what you think. It was one of the last films James Gandolfini was in. The two girls who played the starring roles was great.

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