The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 59

Orphan notes from my early teen-age years, it’s bit on the down side but for some reason, I feel it must be written today,

I think I was about 13 years old, she was a year older, her name Renee. We both were living at Deplechin (orphanage) and she was one of my first girls I had a crush on. She also was probably the coolest girl there, lol. At the far side of the orphanage was the newly built, recreation center. That afternoon, her and I was walking in, many people was there and also a pickup game of basketball was taken place. So hand in hand, her and I walked along the inside wall, careful not to walk on court and just as we were walking behind the goal, still along the wall, the recreation director, a tall man with known anger issues (known by us) screamed at me, ran over and picked me up, one hand under my neck, the other under my armpit and slammed the back of my head into the bricked wall.

Not only did he slam it, but he did so a few times as Renee and others yelled at him to stop. The rest I could not recall due to me laying unconscious, limp on the floor. Apparently I was out about two minutes, from what Renee said, the man while yelling at everyone standing around, revived me with a wet towel and as I sit up, I remember him attempting to place an ice pack on the area of large lumps on the back of my head, I would not let him.

Renee helped me to my feet and as she cursed him, she walked me the few hundred yards to the infirmary and I was taken care of there. So as the campus head questioned the ‘rec director’ about the incident and of course his replies were hastily conjured up lies, I was angry at the thought this man, who outweighed me easily by 150 lbs, might get away with this abuse. So being the rebellious and pissed off teenager that I was, when darkness fell and somewhere around midnight or so, maybe later, I sneaked out, sheath knife strapped to my ankle and crept in the shadows to the rec center.

I had only one thought, this rec director had a nice Dodge Challenger, I believe that what it was, freshly painted, nice mags and tires. So without hesitation, I slit all four of his tires, admired my work then headed back home and despite the soreness about my head, I slept well. So sometime early morning, that a-hole wakes up and sees his car, is furious and goes to the front office to complain. Oh, he knew it was me, he couldn’t prove it but he knew and I’m glad he knew.

The director of the campus called me in and asked if I ‘knew’ anything about it and so I did what most teenagers do when confronted about something so rebellious, I lied. But a decision had already been made(this man had lost his anger before with others), that rec director was walked out, fired, and was stood by as he had his tires replaced, packed what few belongings he had and angrily drove off into the urban sunset.

I know what I did was wrong now, but back then, it was what I had to do. Believe me had I not done what I did, it would have been much worse, for him. You see, one of the many great things about being raised there was how, even despite our differences, all of us stuck together, had each others back. My solution to this abuse was mild compared to what we could have done as a collective whole.

My life at Deplechin overall was probably the most important part of my life, for every bad person associated with Deplechin, there were several dozen good-caring people. I may have the exact age and time frame off a bit, but the story itself is true. I’m not sure why I feel I’m suppose to write/blog about this particular moment in my teenaged life, but here it is…….peace Tone

~ by tonekinchloe on November 11, 2013.

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