The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 54

So at some point I will have to move from the neighborhood which I have been living for just over five years now, the longest I have lived in one place in about twenty-five years or so. We live in older bricked duplex, even have a front yard with grass and plants we’ve planted over the years. A family of Gecko type night lizards live in the plants below the lite just outside our front door. Nights falls, lite comes on and they feast on the many insects that flutter about the lite bulb.

There is a yucca type plant that was dying across the street during the drought of 2011, so I chopped and dug it up, wrapping the roots in a wet towel to be transplanted in our yard. I never thought it would live, but it has and now has grown about a foot in height in just two years. We keep a bowl of water for the birds to enjoy as well as bird feed whenever possible. One of my son’s planted a single sprig of Rosemary, which over the years has grown into a large bush, which I do pluck some off for cooking when needed.

With drought conditions this summer, we water the grass as much as we can. Some may asked why are we still watering the grass if the new owners are going to eventually bull-doze the block for new high-rise apartments for future student? (not needed) Green grass feels better beneath one’s feet than dead grass, the shrubs, grass, trees all attract wildlife of some sorts. At night-time when I’m outside, the mild summer breeze, along with the fragrance of what greenery grows around us is a type of aroma therapy and greatly appreciated.

These older duplex, some forty years old, maybe older are well-built and is the cheapest rent I’ve had to pay in my life, $375 a month for a two bedroom and one bath.

Looking back, what stands out is the neighborhood, ‘art guilds’ we had over the years. Many will bring their art by, we would hang it outside the duplex, on walls, trees, smaller structures. With thousands of Christmas lights strung about, we also had bands play, poetry read, with many enjoying through the latest hours of the night. But people/friends move away, things that give us pleasure simply fades and we are left with memories and pictures and art to reflect on and even still, appreciate.

It was if in this town which sometimes I admit I complain about, had a lil of Austin, Texas nestled in an artistic section of a quaint older neighborhood. At some point, those of us that are left, will have to move on, I myself, back to Austin. I have included some pics from one of our ‘art guilds’. The actual name of the event was, ‘The Barefoot Art Guild’…..


IMG_0004 IMG_0050

IMG_0086 IMG_0076IMG_0008 IMG_0041

IMG_0038 IMG_0043IMG_0071  IMG_0010

~ by tonekinchloe on August 3, 2013.

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