The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 49

   I know this EPIC moment took place last week but I haven’t been on-line to give Wendy her props. Two things if I may? When will all women realize that Wendy Davis is speaking for all women and not just pro-choice? In my opinion, Pro-Choice comes first, then the woman makes the decision if she is Pro-Life etc. If one uses their religious beliefs as the reason for their choice, then again, even religion itself was a personal choice made by that person.
Now, Perry so upset that just one ‘woman’ had the power and fortitude to disrupt the ‘corrupt’ voting process that he now has scheduled another vote early next week and has promised the many supporters of her will not be allowed in the room and will take steps (law enforcement) to make sure the bill passes. Wtf? People open your eyes, this is a prime example of a party trying to control one’s lives.
It’s like the sixties all over again,


I fully support Wendy Davis and admire her greatly.

~ by tonekinchloe on June 28, 2013.

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