The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 42

The invasion of privacy?

As long as I can remember, even when I was a kid, there was always talked of our government having the ability to ‘listen’ in on us. Now of course decades ago I’m sure their methods were more primitive compared to today’s technology. Hell, even back then, certain books were on the ‘watch list’ at libraries, even book stores to see who is checking them out or purchasing them.

I myself value my privacy, but am willing to give up some up it in order for all of us to enjoy the freedoms we all treasure, those same freedoms that luring to others to uproot themselves from where they live in far away lands, to pursue a better life here? We live in a world where the cellphone calls you make, can easily be intercepted by anyone with the right hardware to do so. Many don’t even realize that as you type on your laptop, while connected on-line, that they can be within feet away from you and mirror your screen exactly.

So what’s the fuss about? Sure we all text, talk and surf the web from our phones and we like to think that all of what we say is important and it is to you and I. But in a country of what? 400 million people, give or take a million, the task of protecting us has to be daunting, unimaginable to say the least. So here is a question, How would you do it? Given the scale of such a task, how would you go about finding those who would bring harm to even one American? There is no easy solution, preventing terrorism is as difficult as lowering co2 emissions, both a major concern and not impossible to minimize.

The solution is approaching it from many different areas, some of which will inconvenience us, but haven’t we all to some degree have had to sacrifice something for the good of our country already? So many now are upset with the recent revelation of the ‘ease dropping’ of our calls etc. But before you come down to hard on our government think about this please. How many people are members of Facebook worldwide? Now we all know by now that even with Facebook’s so-called security measures/privacy for it members, that nothing, not one thing we do on FB is actually ‘private’.

We reveal much more about ourselves on social networks/forums/pics/tags and are willing to accept it without putting up much a fight against it being used by anyone for any reason without our consent. What our government is doing pales in comparison to what we are allowing to be done to us on minute to minute basis. I just called a friend of mine who posted(on fb) where she was eating her lunch at. I told her, “Hey turn around, I’m sitting behind you!” So while we are on the phone, she is looking back to find me, which of course I wasn’t there.

My point? As I had told her, I could have been ANYONE who had found a way to follow her ‘status’ on fb, I could have been anyone.

I know I got a bit off track here, but I hope you see my point.



~ by tonekinchloe on June 10, 2013.

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