The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 33

Single, but for good reason. This has been the longest period that I have not been in a relationship. The reason(s) surely to irritate some of you, but please read and reply if you feel it is necessary. It would be very hard for me to be involved with a woman who ‘lives’ on social network sites. Please let me explain.

It was already difficult to juggle a relationship and work while finding time to fulfill one’s own interest, all while trying to give the woman in my life the attention she deserved. But switching to today. Although social sites cater to both men and women, it is women who use it more for obtaining attention, pretty much around the clock. Sure, a woman wants to be told how beautiful she is. But it is much more then that, it allows even the most faithful women to have a host of ‘options’ and compliments from literally hundreds of people, all along posting dozens, even hundreds in some cases of ‘recent’ photos of herself in all too familiar poses.

Many of these women also feel they have to be out, circulating four or more nights a week, either at bars or clubs. So I present this question, How is a guy even remotely suppose to compete with that? Its not that I am an insecure person, but when a woman feels that from awakening out of bed, should keep the world informed of her every movement, then in my opinion, more then proves my point. It always has boggled my mind how in a world of such threats and risks, why a woman would want to tell millions of dudes, exactly where she is at every minute of her waking day.

I recently was on a ‘date’ at a very nice place to eat, nice atmosphere, tables spaced nicely and superb food/menu. But my company felt the need to post and text, while my phone was in my pocket, turned off. My attempts to maintain a decent conversation was futile due to her constant looking down and reading her smartphone screen and replying. After some twenty minutes, I motioned for the waiter to come over. I apologized and asked him to cancel my order but keep hers, gave him money to pay for hers and gave her money for a car ride home and I excused myself.

As I walked off, she of coarse asked me why I was so upset? My reply? “what you are doing is extremely rude and selfish. So don’t get up, enjoy your meal and your texting, a cab can take you home. And please don’t bother contacting me again” Then I walked off. The manager meeting me near the door, he was confused and somehow thought I was upset with the service etc. But after explaining to him briefly, he replied that he sees that sort of thing all the time.

Now i admit, that all women are not like this, but the majority of women who use sites, mainly Facebook are. I’m not putting them down, but it is not appealing to be in any way. Of coarse, women can argue the point that many men are on there for whatever reasons. I’m more then sure that many men use FB as an attempt to hook up or whatever. But the reasons men use FB vs the reasons women (most but not all) use FB are for the most part quite different.

So i conclude with this, I won’t be in a relationship with a woman who feels she has to ‘live’ on FB. For those of you who do, that’s you and I’m sure the majority of you are terrific women. It is the same reason as to why I decided 4/5 years back that I won’t date or be involved with a ‘barfly’

I am merely pointing out something I feel is important too me. Now, I close with this, Is it possible, in today’s world, to find a woman who although may use FB on occasion, to be able to make a relationship a priority and not feel the need to seek such an abundance of attention?

* I have many female friends who do use Facebook as a means to promote their work, art etc…I am not saying that the above post is a reflection of all women.  pEaCe Toney



~ by tonekinchloe on March 3, 2013.

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