The Orphan I Am Chronicles- 26

I had been sitting at the coffee shop for a few hours this morning, in fact I am still here.  There was a beautiful Persian woman sitting two tables away to my left, I couldn’t help but notice, she was stunning. She was content to sit and enjoy a book and an espresso while occasionally looking up and around the room.

I know this because I was watching for any opportunity to make eye contact with her again, besides the initial one that accompanies one’s entrance into a room of people. But since she was enjoying a book, I went back to working on one of my scripts. People came and went, a variety of shoes, boot etc just below my field of vision and the morning passed.

She is/was  a fast reader, I know this because I could see and hear her flips the pages a little quicker than normal. I eventually got up and got the nerve to ask may I get her something else to drink from the coffee bar? She smiled and pointed at her cup and replied she was fine. (That she was/is) So since I wa standing, I had to do something, so I walked over and bought a scone and sat back down. I know, this is boring right? But I do have a nice little ending to this, eventually.

After a while I looked her way and she was looking at me, when she saw that I noticed her, she asked what was I working on? So just when we began to talk, get to know each other, some tool walks in and without even asking, sits with her at her table. I could tell how she rolled her eyes at him that she really didn’t want this guy here, sitting with her. About a minute later, he went and waited in line to go to the bathroom, she seized the moment and started writing something on a receipt and just as he entered the bathroom, she gets up, slips me the note and leaves.

Upon reading the note, I could not help but smile, but I smiled even more to see this dude walk out of the bathroom and realized that she had left him in the dust lol. His eyes scoped the room in hopes of finding her, he then ask me, “Dude, did you see where that gurl went?” I looked up briefly and looked around and replied, “There’s like twenty ‘women’ in here, what gurl are you talking about?” lol

I put my headphones on and focused back to my writing, with her note tightly in my hand.

~ by tonekinchloe on January 25, 2012.

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