The Orphan I Am Chronicles- 23

My Recent Battle With Cancer – Please Read by Tone’ Kinchloe on Sunday, November 6, 2011 at 1:50pm I wanted to take a few minutes to write to everyone and I mean EVERYONE out there. The only way that I can talk about this is to somewhat backtrack some. Any of you who truly know me know that this is something not so easily for me to do, to discuss something so personal with anyone. I appreciate your patience over the next several lines, but please read all. I’ve always been one to take care of my body, well knowledge in nutrition/exercising/stress management and spend 5-6 days a week in the gym, which i go to the gym to abuse my body, the moment I leave until the moment I return, that is when I take care of my body. I can lift the gym if i wanted to, for an older guy, consistency and dedication is the key. But somewhere along this past summer my body changed, sure i still worked out, but things weren’t quite right. Beginning of the summer while doing abs at gym, I had to rush to the bathroom, to find a that in the water, instead of waste was blood. But after that incident, things went back to normal. I made note of it and went on with my summer. Soon I noticed that I was not digesting my foods properly and if I ate more than a small amount, My lower abdomen was in discomfort, but that symptom came and went on rare occasions. But towards the end of the summer I found myself running to the bathroom more frequently, now blood had returned, with more pain in my lower ab area. I ask myself, could this be an ulcer? About a month ago, my last workout was October the 13th, I also was training a female friend of mine. Halfway thru my workout I saw that I was very pale, grasping for enough oxygen, I struggled to even stand upright. My client asked me if I was ok, my reply was short, “I feel like I’m dying here”. The next day I called around to clinics, seeing who would take me in, after consulting with a nurse and going over my symptoms, the blood, sudden weakness, tender to the touch abdomen area etc etc, she told me to go to the ER immediately, but I hesitated. But there by myside, my youngest son Michael said, “dad no, we are going to the ER, now” So we went. Upon getting to ER, it was soon after doc checked me out, blood work, rectal exam, etc that he came to talk to me, I asked my son to step out of the room a second, it was a 50/50 chance it was cancer. The Cancer indicators/markers in my blood was high, very high. My lip quivered briefly, my son came back in the room and I reluctantly told him of the possibilities. This was a private moment between him and I. Soon they did some scans of my body and checked me in. Later to be joined by my other son Derek, they stood bedside. Now the daunting task of contacting my oldest son Anthony, the three most important people in my life. Drugged up for the pain I had so long ignored, I now faced the grim possibilities and decided at that instant, to remain optimistic and trust in this modern medicine. Three days later, a colonoscopy, which revealed an area in my colon of where a tumor existed. This invader who took up residence in my body, that hid and grew until finally taking control of me and my life, I wanted it out. The Doctor, God Bless Him, he acted swiftly. October the 20th, just 6 days after ckn into St. Joseph hospital, the surgeon went in and removed that tumor (which was larger than a man’s fist) as well as about 18 inches on my colon. He reattached it to the rectum, and now is allowing that area to heal completely before a second operation in about another month to restore everything back to ‘normal’. During the surgery, he also removed 29 samples of lymph nodes and surrounding tissue to go to pathology, so that we would know how far this cancer has spread. Oh yea, the tumor? that was bigger then a man’s fist and was malignant, it had been growing in me for years. Hours after surgery, late at night after two of my sons had went home for the night, Anthony remained ,helped out of bed to walk, my wanting to do this was a direct slap in the face of this thing that so silently violated me. A day or two later, the doctor informed me that the most recent blood test showed that my blood in regards to those cancer indicators was almost at normal, it had dropped that quickly. Liquids as meals, morphine pump for pain, on October the 25th, well ahead of what the doctors expected, My sons Derek and Michael took me home. A week later I returned to the doctor to have him remove staples from the large incision now on my abdomen. After, the doctor wanted to go over the pathology of the samples that took and examined. He informed me that out of all samples, none showed signs of any cancer. Upon hearing this – I cried briefly, yes I was that happy. I was told to give my body a much-needed break, so for the next 2-3 months I will do just that, avoid the gym, but enjoy now more the little things, a walk around the block, writing, reflecting etc. There is the possibility of chemo, but since I’ve taken care of myself, the doctor feels that I should go thru it fairly well, considering that chemo is basically poison pumped into ones body to rid any further traces of cancer..Side effects of such treatment would be rough to say the least, if it comes to that. I wanted to also take a minute to mention and give my utmost appreciation to those who I confided in with this thing I’m going thru. My three beautiful sons, Anthony, Derek and Michael….oh how I love you so and am so very proud of…Also, three women/friends who with their words of comfort and being their in their own unique way, Marissa Leonow, it was as if she was there standing beside me all along this…you know how I feel and how much I appreciate you…Melanie Bruce Dean, we known each other for so long, so easy for me to talked to you, you are within me always, you’ve always known how I feel about our friendship….to my newfound friend Toria Casida, such an unselfish beautiful person whom I look forward to writing with over the upcoming years, your friendship is greatly appreciated…to my sons mother, who also took time to remind me that despite the many years since our divorce that we are still family, our link our three sons, she took time to visit and show her support thru this. Any of you who know me know that this is not easy for me. I value my privacy immensely. I am doing this hoping that all of you will tell my story and pass this on. The Doctors say that I could have easily have died from this some time ago. My mistake was NOT having regular checkups. No one wants to have someone examine them in their rectum, we like to think we are invincible etc…NOTHING can be further from the truth…Please, the procedure to rule this from happening to you really is not difficult. Yes it is somewhat intrusive but look at it this way, please. It can happen to anyone and no one really knows why and no matter how well you may take care of yourself, Cancer thrives on doing the unexpected, killing and ruining one’s lives. Men, put your macho feelings aside and look around you. all that you love, that you cherish so so much, you want to grow old and enjoy…do this for them you love and for the dreams you will pursue…I mention men because men are the ones most reluctant to be examined..but this applies to all. Although I am not a religious person and I find that for me to ask/pray to God to take care of this is a selfish thing for me to do considering all that is wrong in the world,but without hesitation, I thank God for stepping in and taking care of this and thank those above who did pray for me, as well as the talented/gifted doctors, nurses, of St. Joseph’s hospital. I do apologize if over the course of the summer if I had become distant with anyone, as you can see, I had my reasons. Again I appreciate your time in reading this, please post and shared with everyone you know…it could save a life, it can save many lives…. pEaCe tone Like ·

~ by tonekinchloe on November 15, 2011.

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