The Orphan I Am Chronicles- 17

Sometimes, people just aren’t what they seem. Recently while on Facebook, I have been noticing ‘things’ that just didn’t seem just right. Both were in regards to females, both females set out to deceive/mislead others, including myself. The first was a young woman, she portrayed her self as being twenty-seven years old and single. So over the span of a few weeks, we chatted, nothing too personal but never the less, took time to get to know her.

But as time went by, I suspected something wasn’t quite right. She began slipping, letting her guard down and saying things that someone much younger would say or ask. Even some of what she said, contradicted previous things we have talked about. So without delay, I asked her, “How old are you really?” Her reply was after hesitation, “I’m only seventeen”. I was shocked. I asked her why she would lie about her age? She replied, if you knew my real age then you would not have talked to me and even may not have accepted my friend request.

I told her that what she is doing is very wrong and is part of an ongoing and serious problem on sites like this. After which, I wished her the best and ended our friendship link by blocking/deleting her. Betrayed? Somewhat. But do to caution on my part and past experience’s with the net, I trust little about the internet and those that use it.

The second woman, from that same sight, post the same pics over and over, even as ‘new pics’. This person on thrives on attention and will make up problems in her own life to get men to respond. At first, I did not suspect it but after I while, I noticed a pattern and also how she herself contradicted what she said at times. What aided me in all of this is my ‘intuition’ and observation skills I have developed as a writer.

But what really got my attention, some of which was from the get go was the pictures themselves. Each picture appeared slightly to be another woman who closely resembled her. Even some pictures would only show her body up close from the neck down. Any other pictures were from a considerable distance away and after taking the liberty of zooming in, could easily see this was not the same woman. I also considered at one time that ‘her’ being a woman, she has the ability to alter ‘her’ appearance but then something else recently stood out.

A certain male seem to be a direct link to this, conversation between them at times seemed very odd, what was said by both seemed to be originating from a single person, the male. I suspected now that she in all actuality is a ‘he’.  What did I do? Nothing. It appears that others were also beginning to suspect something wasn’t right. Certain messages to her caused her to directly post a response that somewhat touched upon some of what I have stated here. In short, what she said was not enough to convince that I am wrong.

I did not delete her, no need to. social networks provide somewhat of a purpose, it is somewhat entertaining but often misleading and time-consuming if you let it be. As of friday, September the second, I myself am taking a much-needed break from that site. It’s not that I was on there all the time, but to be more to the point, I don’t need the distractions. this is not to say that I won’t return, because I will but only to stay in touch with those I am actually friends with, who are indeed who they say they are. I wanted to blog about this because I know there are many who can relate to this…pEaCe tone

~ by tonekinchloe on September 3, 2011.

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