The Orphan I Am Chronicles- 12

She is more than a woman but what one would expect or hope to find when wanting a companion which you can share your art with, in my case, my writing. Her intellect when most may be intimidated, I find refreshing and most rewarding to myself, in short, she gets me. In writing there are so many styles, a means to get the message across, appropriate words to deliver the visual and an understanding and humbleness to convey the feeling.

But do I ‘get’ her, well no, she is a woman, so complex but upon recognition of two you appreciate the ‘genius’ in writing itself, this along opens a door which I am allowed by her unselfish willingness to share her great imagination as well as life which has formed and polished the art/gifts which she wants to share, with me. Soon we will embark on a period of creativeness accompanied with truth woven within words, a give and take of improvisation, uncertain of where the next letter will lead.

Myself, my writing which is but a skeleton, framework for a bigger picture, evolves with passion, honesty, the darkness, sadness, hope that most times is below the surface, I gladly dip my brush in, so that she can visualize where I want to take the reader/audience. As I mention her as a companion, my writing companion, one which I am willing to expose what I see, what makes me tick, what bothers me and what I long for, I welcome her opinion, her critique of my work and also and most important, the art she creates herself.

I sense that this is but a spark, certain to become this ever-changing flame, wait maybe it is much more, perhaps this is the creation of new ideas, something quite original for a change? Going against the grain, steering clear of the norm, yes that’s it. This should be good, stay tuned.

~ by tonekinchloe on August 18, 2011.

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