The Orphan I Am Chronicles- 10

No long blog here today, I’m only here to bitch about this heatwave, drought, taste of hell, whatever you want to call it. Everyone’s grass is dying or dead, sidewalks and roads are shifting upwards-cracking, I’ve seen too many dead birds about town and not a damn drop of rain, only the sweat from my forehead.

My God, how are these poor farmers and ranchers making it here in Texas? I even hear that some live stock has been dying, they are having to bring in hay from other states. Left the house it was already 95 and climbing, we are averaging about 108 degrees a day and we still have the worst to come. SMDH. So people, if you have senior citizens in your area, please check on them. Make sure they have access to someway of keeping cool and of coarse water, plenty of water on hand.

The homeless? They are people to and they are out in this, all day long. It wont hurt to hand em a bottle of water, even say hi or ask them, ‘how are you doing?’ Sure they may ask for a buck or two and so what? Yes they may buy a beer or two with it. Hell even though I don’t drink anymore, a cold beer sounds too tempting right now. Besides, we are indeed Texans, we do tend to look after our own, don’t we?

Stay cool, stay in the shade, thermostats set a bit high during the day to lessen the load on the grid, make sure your pets have plenty of shade and water. And as always pEaCe tone


~ by tonekinchloe on August 9, 2011.

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