The Orphan I Am Chronicles- 9

Getting out of the heat into a cool shower and she pulls the curtain aside to join me. Her name? Call her my temporary escape, my savior, my angel of intimacy. It had been awhile, she knew it and she move just right, pressing her body slightly against me while soaping up a wash cloth. Leaving her hair down, while washing what little makeup she wore off her face, she felt me harden, my hand massaging her breast.

As she took my shaft in her hand to wash it, she responds to my sudden movement upon her rubbing the head, she looks up to kiss me. With the washcloth in my hand now, I reach around her while we kiss, washing her back, moving slowly downward, she parts her legs as I near her butt. Quite stiff, it rested between her legs, tight lips cradling it, her legs tighten but I do not enter.

My face moves slightly down, my mouth nibbles on her nipples, stopping only to suck gently, she moans softly, her legs hold my cock firmly in place, still I have not entered her. My hand around her butt, my fingers slide between, she immediately rinses off, the shower off, we move to my bed without drying, only a towel wrapped around her long soaked hair. She lay before me, her eyes more then inviting, her legs open as I lay between, we kiss endlessly.

Her skin soft, her scent grabs me, she knows it and she places her hands atop my head, I now begin kissing her flat stomach lightly, her legs part more, I know kiss inside her thighs. Now pulling my hair, I kiss this area she has shaved so well, my tongue parting her lips, her taste so addicting. I take my time, while one hand massages her breast, the other rubbing her clit, I continue to lick and even suck on her lips.

Minutes pass, she has cum twice, the second time her orgasim was so intense, her legs trembled endlessly. Her hands now out of my hair, she wants me on my back, she positions herself between my legs, she raises up to kiss me, enjoying her taste on my lips, her tongue running along my chest and now she kisses its head, licking under my shaft, she tortures me before finally taking it in her mouth, she slowly sucks while her hand massages my balls.

My hands dig into the mattress, I grab at her wet hair, she moves it in and out her mouth, knowing just when to suck harder, she feels my heart pounding, she looks up briefly smiling, then she continues. With one hand resting on my chest, the other now under my balls, her fingers toss my body about, she knows just where to touch. Suddenly, knowing just when, she takes most of my cock in her mouth and leaves it there while sucking hard. She anticipates my cumming, as I explode into her mouth, she sucks and swallows instantly, continuing until she has it all.

She raises up, moves to me, we embrace and kiss, she reaches down, what was getting soft now is hard again with her touch, she sits up and slides it deep into her, she moans as it firmly is in place, she now begins grinding, moving up and down, her hair now drying, her face so beautiful, our eyes now never leave each other. My hands grip her hips, she pushes them away and pins them to the bed with her hands, she now is pounding herself up and down on it.

I felt the juice flow from her, her lips now full of blood, throbbing, she moves faster, I now raise myself up enough to pound in her harder, time passes, we both are drenched in sweat, her’s dripping down on me. Then it happens, she thrust herself onto it, she now has gripped it tight and I feel her suddenly open, she is so wet, she moans loudly as I do also. She lays atop me while keeping it in her, her body trembles again, mine as well. We kiss as it softens in her, she lays her head  upon my chest, in time, we both fall asleep….But not before I managed to pull a sheet up over us.

I had not slept that well in some time, I look forward to seeing her again, soon I hope. pEaCe tone

I hope that this does not offend anyone, this is a moment which I enjoyed making love with someone special and I dont consider this sex nor do i consider this offensive. She is a FWB and she knows that I am blogging about it. I won’t reveal her name, she would be the one to do that, thanku for ur understanding.

~ by tonekinchloe on August 4, 2011.

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