The Orphan I Am Chronicles- 4

After deciding to miss my morning workout, I am sitting in one of my fav coffee shops, again not a corporate one. I recently had a discussion this week about my fav movies and a female friend of mine was quite surprised when I told her that my second fav film of all time was Sofia Coppola’s ‘Lost In Translation’.

So when she was asked why it was my favorite, it was an easy conversation from the get go. First getting the obvious out of the way, the movie has to have one of the best soundtracks ever. With Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine leading the way, the remainder of the music, those bands contribute music/songs that are perfect for the flow and overall feel and enviroment of the film.

Now to the film, a young Scarlette Johanson and the brilliant Bill Murray are the leading actors and display their talents as more real life then that of two merely playing roles. My point? The dialogue, the present state of what the two characters were going through as well as the near perfect settings to deliver what I think is excellent acting, makes the audience relate to what they are witnessing. One of my favorite scenes in the film is when they meet in the bar for the first time, which they are sitting at the bar, with only a chair that separates them.

The awkward process of making the conversation, ‘breaking the ice’, those first words that one makes that you hope gets a meaningful reply, is beautiful done by Sophia’s true to life script. Upon first seeing this scene, my immediate thoughts were, “Hey, Ive been in that situation before.” As Bob listens to her talk, his eyes are also watching her retrieve a cigarette and he waits for the right moment to pull his lighter out. (Follow his eyes and see for yourself) A small pleasure to simply be able to light her cigarette, we see the utmost respect and hints of what seems to be missing today, a gentleman.

In this scene we are shown that these two do feel somewhat out of place in Tokyo, but through slight laughs and Scarlette’s beautiful smile, even as they drift off into thoughts briefly by staring ahead, we are assured that this is the beginning of what turns out to be a beautiful friendship and of coarse, a respected attraction to each other. As they depart to their seperate rooms, we are then given the view of what turns out to be a breath taking journey of Scarlette’s character experiencing the most humbling and spiritual awakenings and realizations that make her look within herself and why she feels as she does.

While Bill’s character looks more closely at his life, realizing that within his own self, he still has much life and also and most important, his desire to want to make the changes in his life to feel good about himself physically as well as mentally. This role could have only been played by Bill, he was and is perfect for it.

Oh well, as you can see now I do love this film, this treasure to the artworld. I could go on and on discussing it but will leave you with this which should say enough.

You can teach a film class on how to properly make a great film but using this as a blueprint. From the beautiful vision of Sophia Coppola, to the excellent and very artistic view from the DOP, to the soundtrack, use of natural settings for production to the excellent cast and makeup/wardrobe, Lost In Translation is a great film.       pEaCe tone


~ by tonekinchloe on July 11, 2011.

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