The Orphan I Am Chronicles

After little thought and just getting around to it, I have decided to start a blog. Yes I know I’m way behind on doing this but if you know me, I have always wrote, including in many journals for most of my adult life. Why now? Its a great medium for me to give those who may be interested some insight as to who I am, where I have come from and most importantly where I plan to go, in regards to pursuing my dreams, goals and hopefully along the way, finally meeting the woman of my dreams.

The title of my blog site as well as the title for this post is related to myself of coarse, yes I am an orphan, never adopted. I as well as three of my brothers and my sister were given up, cast aside, not worth the effort or to quite frank, placed in an orphanage or foster care. Over time, I will refer back to this time and era in which many things were quite different compared to today. An era in which the father was the bread winner while the mother basically took care of the home, the kids, all the responsibilities and there are many, when it comes to raising children. I will also be brutally honest on my views toward this as well as my sincere understanding and sympathy in regards to my mother who had to raise us for the most part, all by herself. Our father? He was a merchant marine and was away, out to sea at least nine months out of the year.

But for now, I will give you just a bit of info about me. I am a compassionate and passionate man, I love the art world and all it has to offer. As I mentioned earlier, I love to write, but not only in my journals but scripts, stories, some lyrics and of coarse poetry. I also am highly interested and am in pursuit of producing and directing feature/short films. I have a long way to go in achieving this, I do realize this and from this moment forth, when i do mention anything to do related to that venture, I will no longer say I, but will say We. Because this is more about a group as a whole pooling their talents/gifts then one single person.

I am a father of three beautiful sons, a man could not be happier. Which is where the name, ThreeSunsRising Productions originated from. Divorced quite a few years ago, my journeys, the various paths I have chosen or should I say, have not chosen since that divorce are pivotal. I enjoy working out and try to do so at least five days a week. I also enjoy taking care of my mind as well, thru meditation, reading, music, good friends and recognizing the stress in my life and minimizing it or removing myself from it all together.

I enjoy traveling, experiencing new things, new cultures and with that, the beauty in people that many tend to ignore or just not see. Over time you will see how much of who and what I am now is directly related to how I was raised in a setting that now reflecting back on, was truly a blessing. Was there any bitterness or anger towards my biological parents? To some degree of coarse. But what greatly overwhelmed the bitterness was the unanswered questions as to why we were given up? Since this is my first entry here, I won’t take much more of your time, for now.

I’m not an easy read, I am somewhat a complex person and at times quite reserved when my mind is in a creative way. I’m not a religious person but do follow and continue to learn more and more about Buddhism. But without hesitation I will say, I do believe in God, will never deny him/her. So right here I am confusing you, right? I appreciate your patience in this, ‘get to know me’ phase of this blog. More to come and take care all. pEaCe  Tone


~ by tonekinchloe on June 29, 2011.

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