The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 139

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If I Could,

The list of possibilities here are endless, well for most people, but not for me. Of course I would want to travel the world, absorbing all I could around me. I most certainly would avoid the ‘touristy’ areas while spending a night or two in the smaller towns, villages, homes safely tucked away in nature, isolated from modern technology, if that’s even possible?

Armed with my journal, black ink pen, paper and just enough clean clothes to cram into my book pack, I would gingerly enter a town, I know I would stand out and that’s cool, I love being different, being a bit strange, I love being just, me.

“Hello stranger!” Someone will say and with a nod of my head and an outstretched arm, the awkward part of this intro is done, the rest? Smooth sailing, easy, piece of cake, a relief. My mind, senses are flooded with a new, what was unknown now simply interpretation and understanding, without questioning.

A cold glass of water, perhaps a home cooked meal, a book from the bookshelf of a local who was kind enough to take me in. I would replace the book I’ve chose with one from my weathered book pack, with no regrets leaving it behind, enjoy it. Next morning I offer to wash dishes after a large breakfast, my gesture appreciated but denied. I move on, there’s a bus station, the fare is cheap and so I wait.

Miles down the road, dim interior lights so that passengers may steal a quick nap, my eyes gaze outwards, staring at nothing, yet seeing everything. The bus pauses on the side of the road, a passenger enters, her hint of perfume pleasantly arrives before she sits, directly across the aisle from me. I glance and try not to stare, she does likewise but with a slight yet perfect smile.

Many miles have come and gone, her name is Toria, she now sits beside me and like me, she also is a traveler, a gypsy if you will. In a older guitar case rest her acoustic guitar, it never leaves her sight, she to has left a world behind, unafraid and willing to explore the unknown, we talk throughout our journey as the night becomes morn. The sun has risen on our side of the bus, it wakens me but I am careful in my movements, for resting on my shoulder is her head, her hand tucked safely under my arm.

As soon as I can open my journal and write, I know how my entry will begin, but for now, I wait.


peace Tone


The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 138

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The Oscars, will you watch it?

As I have gotten older, my appreciation for good, artistic film and great acting has most certainly increased. Sure, I love an occasional action film and over recent years, even your traditional franchise films such as Bond, has become more about character development as well as a blending of great acting, a ‘humbling of certain characters’ as well as a more concentrated effort to bring a more diverse cast accompanied with meaningful dialogue.

Okay, enough of Bond, to get  to the point of this blog, those at the Oscars who determine which/who/what will be up for nomination and their continued avoidance of superb minority actors (actors/actresses). My first question that comes to mind is, “Do those who actually choose the films to be recognized actually watch each of these films, even the ones ignored?” I seriously doubt it.

When the nominations were announced, I had to think about how many films I knew of that had minority cast in leading roles? I even mentioned it to my youngest son and after awhile, we did know of a few films, which is part of the problem, not enough production companies awarding roles to gifted minority actors and even if they do, when it comes to the Oscars, they are snubbed.

There has been some progress, we are witnessing that some production companies are giving leading roles to female actors who in fact, earned that right as well as put people in the seats, which means dollar$.  But as far as minorities, especially black minorities such as the talented Idris Elba, who in my opinion has never  delivered a sub-par performance, is ignored over and over again.


With each passing year, I am more reluctant to spend hours watching an awards program which ignores the types of performances which I like and appreciate. But then I remember that there will be many actors who feel as I do who will be nominated at least who will be in attendance for the superb work they have done, who are most likely to be white.  This situation is an unfair situation for the Academy to put them in. Just think about it for a minute, your an actor nominated, maybe for the only time in your acting career and you want the recognition and yet, you look around and you can’t help but question what you see, what – I mean, what you don’t see.

I wanted to write just a bit after reading Jada Pinkett’s  tweet and I have to say without hesitation, I support her on this as far as the lack of diversity with minorities in roles and being recognized for their artistic achievements. But as far as boycotting the Oscars? Please don’t. In my opinion, more can be done by attending the event and respectively being vocal while supporting the nominees as a whole. Just make sure that once the evening is over, the spotlight remains on this and not swept under the rug.

Btw, not only is Jada a very good actor, but she is involved in many aspects of a films creative process, for example, The Human Contract, which she not only acted in but co wrote and directed.  It is most important for her to speak her mind and be a voice not only for herself but for others as well.

Actors (actors/actresses) all belong in the same breathe, I like to think that no matter the race/nationality, each want to give their best performance and I hope that those who year after year are focused on only a few should become ‘color blind’ and finally appreciate something that has increased year after year but often ignored, quality performances from all walks of life.

It’s not a difficult thing to do, just open your eyes and admire what’s before you.

peace Tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 137

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Instantaneously, much like a paranormal wildfire, the news spread worldwide and for a meaningful period of time, we Philes owned Twitter. Non-stop tweets, past recollections of the show’s previous airing and endless replays of our dvd collection led to what was a unique, greatly welcomed bond among us fans/philes. It was as if we had known each other forever, each of us united for a single purpose, to transform a possibility into a certainty.



I as well as thousands of others made it a point to make sure the Twitter feed reflected our desire as well as ‘recruiting’ new viewers of the series. Oh so many things fell into place, a tweet here and there by Gillian Anderson, tweets which set everything into motion and by late Spring, news that a time frame was set to shoot a mini season, in Vancouver, where it had all began two decades ago.

It is difficult for me to describe how I exactly felt, the excitement, the relief it was going to be done, my curiosity as to what characters would return, what story lines were being written and of course, what to expect after this mini season of six episodes? By the time it was certain, I was fortunate to have made some new friends, my new phile friends.

Over the years since the original series had ended, Gillian and David have been involved in many other artistic projects, film, shows, penning their own novels as well as in David’s case, singer/songwriter. If you aren’t aware of their accomplishments, simply Google them and follow their artistic progress over the years, their ‘portfolios’, are most impressive.

Images below not taken by me, images found on the web.


The X Files was/is great not only because of Gillian and David, but due to the genius of Chris Carter and the remarkable cast/crew/writers he surrounded himself with. I don’t really think the Fox Producers and maybe even Chris himself knew just how huge this unique show actually was, but from mid Spring until the present, there are aware now. The X Files has fans in many countries, from all walks of life, from a wide age range, each passionate about the show.

At the time this was a ‘possibility’, it became a pleasant distraction in my life, one which allowed myself to broaden my creativity as a writer. So last summer I again disappeared from some things, such as this blog, to refocus on other things which I am very passionate about, my writing, as well as a more global project which will involve many like minded individuals.

I wanted to write this blog tonight, just a week before next Sundays episode one premier. I feel guilty about neglecting my blog when so much has happened in my own little universe, things that I felt journal worthy but not suitable for public consumption, at least not yet. Be patient, good things are a coming.

The X Files mini season episode schedule as follows;

Episode one, “My Struggle”, January 24th, 2016  Mythology

Episode two, “Home Again”, January 25th, 2016 Monster of the Week

Episode three, “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”, February 1,2016

Episode four, “Babylon”, February 8, 2016

Episode five, “Founder’s Mutation”, February 15, 2016

Episode six, “My Struggle II”, February 22nd, 2016 Mythology


I hope everyone enjoys this mini season and please spread the word, recruit new Philes, flood the social networking sites about this season and our expectations of more.

Exactly a week from now we will have seen the first episode. what a relief that will be. Fox Productions have done an excellent job of keeping us in the loop, the press releases, teaser trailers, trailers, still shoots, Gillian/David/Mitch popping up here and there, that 20 minute X Files Reborn short which we all watched with eyes wide open and jaws hanging and we loved it.

Much appreciation to all those involved who made this happened, there aren’t enough words but I will close with this,


Many moons ago, when I was going through a divorce, excuse me, my family was going through a divorce. I hardly slept and often sought an escape by resting in my recliner, VCR remote in hand and watching episodes I had taped of the X Files and every once in awhile, one of my sons would wake up, find his way to me and we watch reruns together, while enjoying ice cold glasses of milk and chocolate chip cookies.


I will never forget moments such as this, they are priceless.


peace Tone


The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 136

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Happy Fourth of July, aka Independence Day Yes, it’s me, I have surfaced again after some two months of absorbing all that around us. Happy fourth everyone! This day always makes me reflect back to being a teenager and being around those who contributed to the man I am today. It has been somewhat difficult lately for me to ‘hold my tongue’ when it comes to the hateful things said despite the positive progress made for this nation as a whole. This blog entry is not meant to sway you one way or another, but it is an honest reflection of a portion of my soul, what makes me well, me. This is not a sermon, it’s not a lecture or by any means a stranger talking down to you, I myself am no means perfect nor do I strive to be. It is our imperfections that really make us who we are, in my opinion.

We are all too aware of the Supreme Court’s recent decision that Gay Marriage is legal in all fifty states and with that decision, everyone now is suppose to truly be equal in the eyes of the courts, but instantaneously there were many who as expected voiced their objections, unfortunately. So like we do, we barrage  the masses with our own point of views, but it makes one wonder, do these people actually think about the words that have spewed from their mouths? The opposition to true equal rights for all often lean on their religious beliefs in their defense and that’s fine if they interpret the Bible and their personal choice of what religious beliefs that way. But isn’t ‘interpret’ the key word here? Pull out your favorite book of poetry from your bookshelf, open it to your most treasured poem and interpret it for me and I will hand that same poem to a stranger who has never read it before and ask that stranger to read it and give me his/her interpretation of it and I’m pretty sure that person will see something you have missed, that person will apply their own life into those words in order to grasp that poems meaning.

If you are a religious person as many are, you resist questioning the things you are not to question about religion and all that accompanies it. It is often that faith that get many through the ups and downs that are part of one’s daily lives. But when it comes to true equal rights, that right to love, even better, to fall in love with whoever happens to move you, why does this bring out the ugly in some people? When I see a couple walking hand in hand, whether it’s male and female, female and female or male and male, I see a connection, I see two secure in themselves, trusting in themselves and most important, two being their true selves, accepting their feelings towards each other. But there are some that see this display of affection and all they see is some perverted act and they immediately are repulsed by it, why? Those that are so offended by true equal rights should take some time to look within themselves, an honest look at what offends you and please then think about what possibly this couple before you may actually be striving for? Now look at the relationship you’re in, what is it that you two are striving for, what are those dreams, those pursuits you both long for? If you do this with an open mind, open heart, you will find that you two have much in common with that couple, who you so desperately try to find fault with, those problems you assume that they will have? Problems that you yourself in you’re relationship may be also experiencing. If not? Then would it not be beautiful for others to experience what you two are experiencing?

If all of us can’t envision and want a world of true acceptance then what a sad, troubled world we live in. I can’t help but wonder that if back when I was a teenager this court’s decision would have been announced then, what kind of society we would have? I see a beautiful image of more orphans like me who actually was adopted, I see less wars, this wave of acceptance and happiness that spills over into our classrooms, our streets, our businesses and yes, even our churches. But now again, even those most sacred of places to seek peace, comfort, that place to which is no longer safe is under attack, churches, synagogues, temples. It’s like the sixties are happening all over again, the worst part of that era. Senseless murders, church burnings, symbols of pride meant to reflect that pride but are now remembered as symbols of hatred, prejudice.

Progress often means moving beyond that which has held us back, that which has brought out the worst in us yet here we are again, oddly repeating that which will only bring us down. When I think of this day, the fourth, I try to put myself in the mind of all of those who laid their lives on the line for the better of this country, their want of true freedom, equal rights for all, these people defended those rights for future generations, what would those who perished for us think of this country repeating those same mistakes that restrict us today of becoming a true united nation?

On a closing note, this want, this desire for a better country, isn’t this the reason why so many want to live here?

peace Tone

Please excuse me if this isn’t adequately proof read

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 135

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A heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mothers out there. I want to say to enjoy a restful day, but even on this day set aside for you, you’ll be seeing after things, tending to things, concerned about many things, while attempting to catch your breath, admire the love around you, the love that you are largely responsible for. It must be difficult, this identity you all have, first being a moms so nurturing yet stern when you have to be, being a woman, you’re hoping that those around you see you as much more, a beautiful woman who still has her dreams, not mere goals, but actual dreams to which at some point in your life, you’d love to pursue. You are all ladies amplified, most deserving of someone holding a door open for you, perhaps pulling a chair out for you, even better, complimenting the dress that now days you rarely get to wear.

On a daily and even nightly basis, you are ready at a seconds notice, you spring into action even when every ounce of energy in your being is sapped, drained, yet you somehow summon it when needed. Your attention is constantly demanded, Mom, can I? Mom, he just hit me and a classic, I didn’t spill it, so and so did. At day’s end you are mentally and physically drain, you want to soak in a tub with a glass of wine and that book you have yet to finish when a loud knock brings it all back to reality, Mom, I gotta pee!

While they grow around you, as life seems to just pass you by, you still pause and think, What if? A thought that you quickly push from your mind, you pass a mirror, sometimes you don’t recognize the woman you see. Yet as you look what you don’t see is that you are even more beautiful now then you ever have been, in so many ways. All that you do may seem at times to be unnoticed, but it is noticed and greatly appreciated, just unfortunately the right words of appreciation are often hard to choose, a mere thank you is not enough, you all deserve much more than that.

Unfortunately my parents gave us up at a very young age, we all were deposited into an orphanage in Houston, Texas, as I have written about here before. I say that my parents gave us up but actually my Mom had lil say so in it, my father was the driving force behind it, long story which I won’t go into now. So the cottage mothers at the orphanage raised me, one in particular, Ethel Allen was my new mom, she tolerated me, taught me to rely on no one, learn to do things yourself, wash dishes, cook, clean, do your laundry, pick up after yourself, she even sat me down and explained the right and wrong way to treat a woman (girl) the subtle things that make a big difference.

Her guidance and wisdom was priceless, your guidance and wisdom is priceless and although I don’t know many who might read this, I myself love all you mothers for gutting it out, for summoning that bit of energy that we men would not have, unless we are single parents, even thing, you ladies (mothers) are far better at multi-tasking than we are.

Mothers first, okay yea, but even now, to this day, it’s never too late for you to find time for yourself, to pursue your dreams, whether it be to return to college, start your own business, plan your own lil escape to an exotic place to unwind, to recharge. Mothers especially need their own space, even if it’s just for an hour , a day or whatever you can manage. Your kids will be fine, you along with your husband, companion, partner raised them right.

Again, Happy Mothers Day!

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 134

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Almost two months since my last blog, in part mostly to my somewhat reclusive lifestyle, a much needed sacrifice to make in order to write.

I figure that if I’m sitting, then I should be writing, sometimes burning the candle until the break of dawn. As far as my writing, it’s going well, a bit behind but at least I’m moving forward. Let’s see, since I’ve been away, Fox Productions has confirmed that The X Files is indeed returning for a six episode mini season, with shooting to take place this June. I can’t be happier, as well as the many Philes ( X Files fans . I’m going to make a prediction here, there will be other mini seasons as well as a third feature film. With Chris Carter on board, along with writers who’ve worked on previous episodes, Mark Snow over the music and David and Gillian back, these episodes will be more than anyone expected. With the advancements in digital technology and the actors more accomplished, more seasoned, we will see all involved shine.

Due to my absence, I have not been able to read much on line, your blogs, sorry guys. With the exception of tweeting and doing research on areas which are part of my book, I’ve tried to avoid the net. I am faced with a decision to go with a publisher or perhaps self publish, which would mean I would have to worry about distribution, which means money, a lot of money.

I hope that you all are well and are writing, I should be around here a bit more in the immediate future. =)

peace tone


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