The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 109

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I spent the weekend in Austin, Texas, to spend some time with my oldest son Anthony as well as give the city the once over to get a better idea of the area that I want to move to. I admit, Austin has changed considerably but it is still indeed the city that I feel most comfortable in. We, meaning, Anthony, Michael, Rebecca and myself took in a movie at the Violet Crown Cinema in the downtown area and enjoyed a film called, Boyhood. A brilliant film at a jewel of a theater. The Violet Crown is a smaller theater by reservation only. Besides being located next to a parking garage, which btw validates your parking fee with a glimpse of your ticket receipt. It also has a small dining/bar area with tables and an excellent staff who is not only polite but attentive.

Please Google it and visit their website. The film itself was done over a 12 year period and although the length of the film was 3 hours, it certainly did not seem like it. A very touching story, superb acting and quite relatable, I left the theater venue with a sense of fulfilment, getting more than my money’s worth, it will always be a memorable moment in which I will look back on, quality time with two of my three sons.

We ate whole foods (a tasty bison sandwich for me) and some great authentic Mexican food after. If you are every in the Austin area and perhaps on a date, than please consider a night at the Violet Crown Cinema,

You will experience a pleasant non-rushed experience for which you will appreciate. It would not surprise me to see the film, Boyhood be nominated for many awards and most worthy of them.

A bit too much caffeine on my end, lol. I have to get back at it, peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 108

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Oh my, what in the hell is going on with the world? I have countless notes on my point of views on this and on that. The question is, where does one even begin to start a meaningful discussion, the lesser of not two but many evils?

We have planes shot out of the air, hundreds murdered and those who killed them treated their bodies as garbage laying in a landfill, when in fact, those bodies who had nothing to do with those waging war below, were in fact laying unattended in a crime scene, with no proper respect shown to them or their families thousands of miles away.

The fighting between Israel and those in the Gaza strip, when does it end? When will adults behave like adults and stop the killing of women and children while trying to justify the outcome as collateral damage?

Ebola virus is back, only a plane flight away from arriving in your country, in my country.

Droughts, storms, famine, homeless all while hundreds in Washington D.C. blame each other, they bitch and try to cover their own ass while all along, proving to us residents of our nation that the real problem is the ‘unwillingness’ of many to attempt to fulfill campaign promises, not only made by our president but by the many elected under our president to represent and serve us, the people who placed them there.

I took a break recently and opened my mind and thought back as far as I could while trying to recall every acting president in my life time I’ve voted for and you know what? In every single presidency, everyone in my adult lifetime, Nixon, Johnson, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama (yes some may be out-of-order), I realized that despite even the ones I did not vote for, but as an American, once they were in office I did tried to support, each one while trying to do right by the American people, each one wrestled and fought with those in the Senate, Congress etc.

So I imagined the what if? What if all those past presidents had those under them to also actually have our best interest in mind? Imagine, just how better off as a nation we would be? The past few months I’ve heard many upset and many from all walks of life and political sides basically say the same thing, the real problem is those in congress, the senate who only become aware when its time for re-election or when its politically correct to be so and even then, they come across as morons, as incompetent.

It would be nice if we could clean house, vote them all out so at least our next president will be more appreciated and even better, be truly working with those who truly have the future in their best interest and not some ancient dinosaurs who only care about their bank accounts and to hell with the world and the environment, leave that worry to someone else.

Immigration? Seriously? Decades ago this would be looked upon quite differently but guess what? Today’s world is much different from let’s say, the sixties. America has always been and looked upon as the saviors of the world, especially the worst of the world. Times are different, we aren’t appreciated as we were before and this lack of worldly appreciation did not happen over night, it took many years to become this way.

As with any country, we have to know who enters our country, we have to. But to actually be able to accomplish this is near impossible and everyone outside of America knows this, everyone. Corporate America knows this, they need cheap labor and there is the problem, money. So as we all now know, people elsewhere are shoving their own children into the night while pointing in our direction, knowing the good hearts that exist in most Americans, can not turn them away.

So not just hundreds, but thousands have become our responsibility? It breaks my heart to even imagine a child, a toddler wandering out there, fighting hunger and thirst along the way, hiding from those who would use them in sex-trafficking. Who can do this? What parent would even consider driving your own out into the night, not knowing if they live or die while they go back inside and lay their head on their pillows at night and actually sleep? I’m sorry but this makes no sense to me, none.

Of course we are going to feed them and clothe them and make sure they are bathe and have a roof over their heads at night, it’s what we do. People on the outside bitch about us but like them, they only see what the media over there wants them to perceive of us and yes, that goes both ways. But there has to be a point in which even us say, enough is enough and this is one of the main reasons why,

Right now, over a thousand has died of the Ebola virus in Africa, a virus which indeed spreads quickly. Who, please tell me who can reassure us that every single person making the trek to our country is disease free? You can’t say that because the country they leave doesn’t have anything serious to worry about because, we don’t know what each person may be exposed to along the way, we just don’t.

I being an orphan, am all about properly seeing after the little ones to some degree, but there must be some form of control over it and by all means, it must be through a legal process, legal yes, illegal no. We have to know who is entering our country, just as other  countries are also concerned.

I know sometimes I tend to ramble on, but using this medium to vent does work, I appreciate your patience and understanding. I have revised the blog #106 and will show you how it looks after a first revision the next time I’m around, always busy on my end.

peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 107

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Happy Fourth everyone!!!

My previous blog entry Simple Words, is meant to demonstrate how I begin my writing process, in fact Simple Words is the second step, my first is always a thought jotted down on a piece of paper, napkin, anything. My purpose revises the original and with each step I take, paint a better picture, create the visual I’m looking for while hoping that the reader such as yourself, can relate to it.

This process, my process usually delays any deadlines I’ve set for myself, again, I am my own worst critic, never completely happy with what I’ve written. The problem that I have is that when I do write a story, I’m thinking immediately that I will convert it into a script, therefore interfering with the efficiency of that writing project. This may not seem to be a problem to most writers, but too me its a clear indicator that I would be most comfortable behind a camera, directing my subjects and tweaking the little things by looking/editing the dailies each night after the day’s shoot.

So over the next week or two, my blogs will be a revision on the short writing example on #106, unless something of a more importance arises which I feel that I should share with you all.

So again, everyone have a great/safe Fourth of July weekend !!

peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 106

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Simple Words;   I left her behind, not too far but far enough so that I could think clearly. It had to be close to 3am, the breeze off the ocean was piercing through the cracks in the wooden beams, my drink resting still on the flat rail, my eyes outward over the ocean, watching the storm creep in. Normally I would be able to gaze upward and see a blanket of stars, but not tonight. It is always difficult for me to go right to sleep after making love to her, mostly in part to my active imagination, creative thoughts that flood my mind, provoking an unsettling feeling along with an urge to grab paper and pen.

But on this night, the storm’s winds wouldn’t allow a page to remain in place, so I thought of her, the position I left her in bed, how beautiful her head rested on the pillow, that lingering scent of her perfume, which she strategically placed so well, somehow remained in my nostrils. How long has it been now? Three years? No, almost four since we had first met that day between shelves E-F at the city public library. Her movement captured me, that quick glance she gave me, it awakened me.

As I watch for it to blow in, I look back every once in a while, hoping that she will stir from her sleep and join me here, perhaps sitting in my lap as my arms hold her securely through the worst of it, we’ve been here before and came out just fine. But something was different this time, this time I was looking ahead, envisioning us at another place, somewhat older and our love for each other growing into this most beautiful new species of flowers for the whole world to see and enjoy.

I can sit out here and think about this, these words which for some reason are reluctant to come out, in fear of my feelings being quite different from her’s. But surely this time we’ve lived together, it does mean something real, something more than just existing, we do blend well together. My restlessness which drives me out to our balcony, to face these thoughts which are thoughts I need to learn how to share, these thoughts which have become my burden, due my inability to simply say what’s on my mind.

The lightning is more frequent, it’s thunder not far behind it, the tops of the waves glow as they quickly crashed to shore and there it is, that scent,it’s her’s. Just as I turn to face the sliding door she is but inches from me, her hand rests on my shoulder.

Her, “I rolled over and you were gone, couldn’t sleep?”

Me, ” No, thought I’d sit out and watch it come in.”

Her, “Is it going to be a bad one?”

Me, “No, not enough to worry about.”

Her, “So tell me, what really is keeping you up at night?”

Me, (pause an clears throat)”I’m thinking of you, sit with me please.”

She sits in my lap, my arms hold her securely, I begin to talk, her eyes fixed on my face, she smiles.

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 105

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So we sat up late last night and watched, no enjoyed the film titled, The Immigrant, starring Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix and Jeremy Renner. This is a superb story set in the 1920’s and it seem as real as anything could possibly be, the actors were the characters. But this blog entry isn’t a film review, I just wanted to ‘suggest’ you check it out.

I ended up having the day off from my ‘job’ that helps pay the bills, so I worked out and headed to the coffee shop to meet some friends, write and people watch, which is always an interesting part of writing, lol Oh yea, here’s a great quote from the film last night;

“The nightingales’ singing is sweeter in the darkest hour.” From the film, The Immigrant.

Good news, if everything goes well this month, (July) early August we should be able to shoot enough scenes for that promotional trailer for, ‘The Face Painter.’ Please wish us luck. I am hopeful that despite everything I am involved in, we can at least get this part of it done before the initial fundraising for the film project itself.

With the exception of this weekend, I will again disappear for about a week to ten days, with some of that time in Austin, family stuff/business/pleasure.


Everyone please have a great fourth of July but be safe, if you drink, please don’t be stubborn, give up those keys.


peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 104

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I’ve been busy as I’m sure most of you have. I am about to present some of my writing to my agent and a publisher and hope that they see something that will make them want to ‘invest’ in me. I have been under some stress lately, work, writing and making plans to move as well as the unrelenting Texas heat.

I have been writing a rather long blog for here, something different and once its complete, will post here and would like your input, if you don’t mind. Oh yea, I have decided to get away for a few weeks early fall, just after I move, I’m thinking Japan.

I have a friend who is a flight attendant and her home base is there (Tokyo) and she has ask me on more than one occasion to visit her, so it’s a strong possibility. Okay, how is everyone’s summer going? Are you planning your own escape?

Have a great week and peace to all, Tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 103

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I decided to go on-line and look for a quote from anywhere which would apply to just about anyone, well maybe except you over there in that dark corner, yes you. I came across this on twitter, obviously a quote from the Madmen twitter account, which I enjoy immensely.

It was quite suitable, one I admit that applied to me, not so much now, but a few times in my life, especially when I thought that the world evolved around me, other words, when I was much younger and not as wise and experienced in the struggle of growing up.

When I read and reread this quote, I am seeing two major meanings, the first, one of selfishness, the second, acceptance. I’m sure that each of you may read something different or perhaps even the same. Wouldn’t it be nice if the politicians could read this and ‘get it’? Or even perhaps, someone in a relationship that one of them is trying to ‘change’ the other? Or maybe they simply don’t see the person for who they really are, themselves.

I’m not sure who exactly wrote this line for Jon Hamm aka Don Draper or maybe he even wrote this one himself, but its a good one I think. Everyone have a great, safe weekend. peace tone

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