The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 90

•April 12, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Great vampire movies are few and far between, unless they are your fluff bs like the one’s littering our theaters and tv prime time now. But while in the theater this weekend, I saw a jewel of a preview for the latest film by Jim Jarmusch, ‘Only Lover’s Left Alive’. Not only does this film have a great cast, Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Waskiowska, John Hurt, amongst others, but the story/plot looks to be, well awesome.

Director Jim Jarmusch, known for great films which have taken many months as well as years to complete, from concept through completion, this one in particular, some seven years.

The overall tone/look of the film really stands out to me and is a darker theme and with its carefully selected cast.


And here is a really good trailer, enjoy



Have a great wkend! peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 89

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Work, work, work and more work, blah! So I went to a pawn shop today to see what kind of electronics they have and came across a , Sigur Ros dvd titled, ‘Heima – a film by Sigur Ros’. It’s a documentary feature film, following Sigur Ros on a 2007 world tour, which is 97 mins in length and an additional second dvd with two hours of full length performances. All this for a buck! That’s right, a buck!

Sigur Ros, from Iceland, is rather unique in its music and videos, very tranquil and at times, providing that mental escape I desperately need sometimes. I plan to watch it later tonight.

I hope that all is well in the blog universe and that everyone is involved in the arts in some shape or form. I myself have been writing, a lot, as well as making arrangements to move back to Austin, Texas by summer. (crosses fingers)

I will try to come around a bit more often, when a rare break allows…


peace Tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 88

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I’m going to be pretty busy the next few days/nites, everyone have an awesome week ahead….will try and write here when I can, perhaps later in the week.

peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 87

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A friend of mine, Caroline Pardue posted this on her Facebook page to share and I loved it and it is most likely something I will do one day, that day. In short, your cremated ashes are put into this urn with a seed for a tree (I’m sure you get your choice of tree you’d like to be)


It is from the website PreventDisease.comĀ  or you can check out their Facebook page, here is the link;

Now I’m debating over what tree I’d like to be???

peace tone


The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 86

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Sxsw is in its ‘full steam ahead’ mode and unfortunately and sadly, a tragic accident happened late last night. A drunken male, who stole a car, decided to flee the APD- Austin Police Department and of course, a high-speed pursuit entailed, in which the drunk ran or should I say, plowed into a large crowd of people, killing two and injuring many, some 34 or more.

I’m trying hard to think of a year when something this tragic has happened at SXSW and I’m drawing a blank, it has always been one of the safest music/film festivals in the world. Unfortunately that changed late last night, people out, enjoying each other, the music-filled atmosphere, endless venues, on a beautiful clear cool night. The area where it happened, Red River, is an area where on any given night, not just at SXSW, an area where people just chill.

I’m not going to post news ads here, you can find countless reports all over the net, but I do want to say a couple of things, the loser who decided he would recklessly get behind the wheel in a drunken state, may he rot in jail and second, can anyone tell me what APD’s policy is on pursuing a suspect, albeit drunk in a stolen car through an area which the streets are used as ‘sidewalks’ during SXSW? I’m not blaming APD, but surely they have a non-pursuit policy?

My prayers go out to the victims and the families of all those effected by the irresponsible actions of one…….peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 85

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I have about a five-minute break from my writing and came across a quote from Beth Gibbons of Portishead, (my fav band ever) and I wanted to share it with you, it def gives you something to think about,



peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 84

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I have spent much of this day writing, I did get an early morning workout in. This is the time of the year which many think of some destination to get away to, or as I would like to ‘my escape’. Which I admit, I am long over due for. So I thought about an image that would be a good depiction of just that, an escape. I came across this brilliant graffiti painting by the well-known, yet anonymous artist Banksy.



Now I am positive that his reason for placement of this has more to do with those living behind those walls and the ever-going want to live a free and normal life with the many paths and choices one is entitled to. For my own reasons, this image is quite fitting in today’s world more so than ever.

Enjoy your weekend…peace tone

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