The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 123

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So I’m thinking Ghosts,

The story/book I’m working on will actually be book one of a trilogy and in book one and two, it does briefly into paranormal, to be more specific, Ghosts. However, it is not a ‘paranormal’ tale but has more a paranormal flavor to it. Confused? I already have extensive knowledge in that field and have always enjoyed the stories that usually accompany a photo, especially the photos that have been dissected in an attempt to prove real or hoax. So this afternoon and evening, I have been on-line looking for a particular type of photo(s) to help me with a ‘sticking point’ in a crucial scene I’m working on. I came across two photos that caught my attention, one in particular that even had me recollecting my first summer spent at summer camp in Spring, Texas.

ghost1  This photo shot near a railroad crossing just south of San Antonio, Texas. Caergwrle Bridge Ghost

Ghostly image taken on the Packhorse Bridge, in Caergwrle, Wales.This bridge is an entrance to a former burial ground. Both photos I found on-line and not taken by me. This images made me think back when I was about eleven years old, I had snuck out of a cabin very late at night to meet friends. We had walked a few hundred years away from the camp and to an area rumored to be visited by ghost. The origin of this began after a couple had died when their home burnt down to the slab of concrete foundation. I, as well as the others suspected the tale was fabricated by those counselors who worked the camp, we found out that nothing could be further from the truth.
   We had stood around, some actually giving up and left for their cabins, but three of us remained and just as we ourselves was about to call it a night, the only girl with us cleared her throat, motioned for me to look behind me and there it was, an off white image, it moved about the slab. It’s appearance was petite and more blurred from about its waist line area to the ground, which btw, never actually touched the ground. It was when one of us coughed that the image turned our way and looked. It was a she and her face more visible than the rest of her body, we ran away as quick as our feet would take us.
   I only mention this memory because it is something that provides me with a better visual of how I would eventually direct an indy film with a believable scene for my audience. The name given to the ghostly image at Pine Tree Camp was, Old Lady White, typical tag for a ghost eh?
   So just like the hoax photos/videos of UFOS, there are an over abundance of photos of ghostly images, many hard to distinguish from real or fake due to the excellent software programs at our disposal, for example – Photoshop. I do like that at my fingertips, I can surf the web and find anything to research, anything to fuel the fire. The two photos I’ve included with this simple blog are said to be actual images, witnessed by many over time. Who really knows?
   But as I now must break away from this simple blog to return to book one, I must say that I am delighted with the blogs I have been following here on Word Press, you all are very good at what you write, with your own way of presenting it.
peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 122

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A Bench, My Bench, Your Bench

bench   I came across this pic on-line this morning while bypassing the ever-growing grim news that saturates the web. At first, it reminded me of a point in my life, a period of time where I felt it was me against the world. It was a couple of years before my divorce which I not only noticed the darkness closing in on me, but I actually felt that darkness. Anyone who has ever went through such a gut wrenching, heartbreaking intrusion into one’s personal life, can relate.

But enough of that grim period, the bench, ah yes, the bench, Often big enough to sit 3-4 people, I would sit as far left of it as I could, always with the hope that some lone figure would appear blocks away and that figure would become more clearer to me as it neared. I mentioned this because I myself relied on the darkness itself along with an isolated street lamp and often a bench to sit, in my attempt to forget. I wanted someone to walk past me and then miraculously turn back to face me, to ask, “Are you okay?” For the most part, no one asked, so while sitting, I wrote in my journal, mostly about what my family was going through,  I wrote on a notepad, story ideas and such.

Sometimes in the blackness of the night, I would walk and walk until I would find “the perfect spot” to sit, there had to be a source of light of course to write. My normal routine was to leave my bed, usually after midnight and drive to Galveston’s seawall, as I’ve written about here previously. The first few times, I would open my journal with my black ink pen and let my thoughts rush the length of my arm, through my hand onto paper, the words to be baptized by my tears. Over time, I became more aware of what was taking place around me, an ocassional moth fluttering under the beam of the street lamp, a gull passing overhead and that stray cat, the one which hide in the darkness, just inches beyond the lights beam, it waited and would pounce at that fluttering moth, a tid bit of an appetizer.

I so desperately hoped that someone would come along, sit beside me and just listen, but no one did,until a police officer on patrol drove by and stopped to walk over and question my presence here at this hour of night. I’m sure he thought I was homeless and after my brief explanation, he to acknowledge that he himself had just went through what I had gone through, informing me that the work/life of a law enforcement officer is never easy on a relationship/marriage.

Over the next few weeks, months, my spur of the moment urge to drive south on hwy 45, became a place to escape, to put my mind in a creative space, to absorb all around me while filling pages with words, describing what I was feeling and forming characters and distinct situations they would be in, while often blending pieces of my life into the stories. Question, do I consider what I’ve written as fact or fiction?

Over time that stray cat wandered closer to me as I tossed a morsel of something for it to eat. Over time this pleasant escape became more of light than darkness, it became a place for the occasional writer’s block, a place which provided a multitude of natural and unnatural things to stimulate my senses, in short, I had awakened. Then there was this one night, a night which every star above made itself known, a night which a car pulled over some yards away from mine, a night which she exited her car while looking my way. As she carefully walk to the sidewalk, she had a decision to make and even from that distance I could see her head look left than right. She even stepped briefly to the left but changed her direction and walked to the right along that sidewalk and with each step she grew closer to me, with each step her face became more clearer.

Her intentions? Certainly to not walked past me, but to pause and say, ” I drive by here every once in a while and I’ve been wanting to ask, are you okay?”

truth, peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 121

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Free Time Equals More Time to Write

It looks like my job I rely on to pay what little bills I have is going through the seasonal slow period which means less hours and more time to focus on this one particular writing project. No complaints here as far as being able to have time to write more but to be honest, I need to work to be able to finish the year on a positive note, aka Christmas shopping.

Now I am going to check out some of the blogs I follow here, peace Tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 120

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Space Is Cool Again,

I’m sure you’ve heard, The satellite, Rosetta sent a probe, Philae (lander) onto a comet some 300 million miles away and for more than two days, collected valuable data and sent it back here, which by the way is most impressive. How something as this, this unbelievable feat to be pulled off is almost unimaginable, impossible. So for ten years, this mission remained, carefully monitored by those who are truly explorers, those who still dare to dream and make the impossible, possible. The photos sent back, truly alien by nature with visual hints of what actually is instead of scientific speculation. For awhile there, I feared that the only glimpse of what lays far beyond us was restricted to the low earth orbit international space station and what we could capture through Hubble and other high-tech satellites, designed to peer deep into space.

Just after two failures, the rocketed exploding shortly after takeoff with its payload for the space station as well as Branson’s space craft exploding, killing one of its pilots as another ejected while receiving multiple injuries. I have always admired and been blown away by the intelligence of those whose ideas become reality and we can sit as bystanders with the utmost admiration, kudos to all involved.

We saw the fabulous film, Interstellar last night, WOW ! Have you seen this magnificent space drama? If not, you should. Interstellar, with its talented writer/director Nolan and its accomplished cast, superb story, can only stimulate young minds and their unbridled curiosities towards the unknown, one can only hope.

It’s a long film, some three hours and if you enjoy films like 2001, Sunshine and such, then you’ll savor every minute, we did.

On a final note, this film is an epic and should be seen in I-Max of XD if you can, you’ll understand why a couple of minutes into the film.

peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 119

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BLAH !!!

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 118

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Late at Night, Atop a Roof Somewhere in France

She would not tell me why she wanted us to climb out of her second floor bedroom window, she only said it was a surprise. We grabbed a quilt, a single pillow and that bottle of wine we were enjoying, along with a joint. It was around 1:00 am, a star filled sky, the breeze was slight, moving from right to left. The roof overhang we laid on was ten by twelve, the strong yet pleasant aroma of nature was refreshing to breathe in. Her parents home, her home, was nestled just below a mountain which was but a silhouette this late at night. Some above ground level, in fact at a few places upwards, you could hear the bells on the necks of the sheep slowly moving about. You would think they would be asleep, but even now, perhaps because of the clear night sky, they chose to graze about that mountain

We sat at first, myself overwhelmed by the onslaught of stimuli my senses were being treat to. Of coarse, I attempted to restart the sex we had been having just feet inside just minutes ago. But she was adamant about my behaving and to focus upwards, towards the heavens. So now laying back, with her head on my chest, we were most quite. I could hear the ghostly howl of the wind making its way between the mountains, as slowly the bells, those peaceful bells faded, became silent and she whispered, “Look Tone.” So my eyes search the area of the night sky she directed me to, her fingertip pointing upwards and moving from right to left directly overhead. I wiped my eyes and saw it, a single yet somewhat larger, star like in its shape, move across the night line, in a perfect straight line.

So I remarked, ” It’s far too high for a plane,” To which she responded in her beautiful French accent, “It’s a satellite.” Which made sense, due to its straight line flight path/orbit. But the she elbows me and now tells me, “Now watch just over there.” My heart raced, my eyes now were more vessels, traveling upwards to get a better, more closer look and then, my eyes widened, I looked over at her and could still see her beautiful smile. My attention quickly upwards again, there was one object, moving quickly, changing directions even more quickly. It was much larger than the satellite which only minutes ago passed by. She giggled, her finger-pointing at another one, as it quickly caught up with the first one. At times they flew along side each other, then in an instant, again changing coarse and accelerating even faster. It was difficult at this distance to determine a shape or even a good descriptive color.

At times I felt as if I was watching a tennis match, my head stuck in a right to left movement then changing to directly overhead to a more vertical movement, while doing my best to ignore the ever-growing pain in my neck. I glanced at her, to find her looking at my expressions and not upwards. Then it dawned on me, what I was indeed witnessing was an ongoing event, perhaps almost ritualistic, she has seen it many times, hell she even had the time frame within minutes. What now seemed endless most likely was actually taken place with a two to three-minute span. One flew upwards and out of view and the second? Well the second object disappeared then at our far left, it appeared and zipped past us, it shot across from our left to right, my lower and possibly like the wind, made its way between the mountains.

No, I couldn’t see it, it was more a trek of light, narrow in its size, as it moved on. We did hear a crackling in the air, some second or two after it passed. Stunned and delighted by what I saw, she then told me of her first time witnessing this and how she suspected that the passing satellite was something of a mild concern to the objects, these UFOs.

We laid out on that roof a couple of hours more, talked, kissed and drifted off to sleep for a bit. But soon the nights cooler weather, just between those mountains forced us back inside. I’m pretty sure I hummed the theme music for the X-Files, yea I know I did. I made love to her most passionately and kept myself in her and we held each other and drifted off to sleep.

The Truth , peace Tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 117

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Bits and Pieces

Progress is going well on my novel, I feel confidant it will be complete by years end.

After living six weeks in our new place, it finally feels like home. Jasmine, my cat has a much larger territory (inside) to roam and claim as her own. The patio sliding door gives her a broader view of outside with a ocassional bird strutting just outside the glass to drive her mad. Yes, I have been tempted to leave the door ajar so that she can serve a little payback. My neighbor is a beautiful brunette with nice curves, very nice curves.

I am happy to report that I have received Gillian Anderson’s and Jeff Rovin’s novel, A Vision of Fire and so far, so good. Actually I am very impressed with how she eases into the story and developing the characters. I notice a bit of an X-File accent to it, but obviously this is Gillian Anderson’s brilliant imagination at work.

avisionoffire  Gillian-Anderson-A-Vision-of-Fire-book-signing-in-London-2 Gillian at a London book signing. Oh yea, I purchased the book through Amazon.

My Texas Longhorns just lost to K State, talk about a buzz kill. =(

I’ve been invited to join a ‘friend’ for some grilling and a dip in her pool late tonight, the last time we did this the water was a bit cold, lol

Many creative thoughts and flooded my mind and I’m loving this mode I’m in.

In another life she would be mine, it seems the one’s I always fall for or either taken or just far enough out of reach, yet her little, off the cuff comments are a hint of her jealousy, which confuses me.


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