The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 114

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I have finished moving and am happy to announce that the level of stress in my life has dropped significantly. This being the 18th time that I’ve moved since 1996, this go around was a bit more difficult, the Texas heat combined with the humidity and the fact I’ve gotten older, I’m grateful my sons helped out.

I wish that I could have read more of what you all have been writing, I’ll do my best over the coming days/nights, I’m looking forward to it.

I came across this most beautiful picture while on-line, twitter to be exact, I’m not sure of its origin or who the model is or the photographer who took such a breath-taking masterpiece.

1410672488943   This reminds me of a pivotal scene in one of the stories/scripts I’ve been working on titled, Across The Way. A lone figure, standing right on the ‘edge’, with her attention outwards, somewhere beyond where most can see. We see this image and then the questions, the many questions as to whom she is? Why is she alone? With her arms folded securely in front of her, what possibly can she be thinking of? Perhaps someone who has left her, someone out far across the water, someone who decided that a life is better suited for him or her in a far away land. Maybe even still, maybe that with her back to the world, she has put something troubling to rest behind her and dreams of a future, a passion filled life else where?

Then maybe, she is a person who simply admires the beauty in the world and instead of just passing this spot by, she becomes part of it all, if only for a moment. I’m color blind, I don’t have a clue as to the color of the gorgeous gown/dress she is wearing, one that she wears so well. The photographer did a brilliant job choosing the location, positioning her and her gown just right and the perfect time of the day. But the one thing that’s missing the one thing I enjoy when I see such a profound artistic moment like this captured, is her expression.

If you look more closely you see her head tilted downward, a clue that her mind is a million miles away, lost in a thought, a thought which will allow her to see things as they are and imagine things as they could be.

I hope that all of you are well and are doing what you love, always peace , Tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 113

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At some point, either by some rare alignment of the planets or perhaps just blind luck, we both arrived in Biarritz France the same week. But it would be a day or two later that we would meet. I had reserved a nice villa along the opposite side of the street from the curved historical seawall. I chose this particular one because of the view from its enormous balcony. I had decided to grab my paper and pen, then made my way to a small coffee shop which was into the little shop area of Biarritz, just at the end of the seawall. My trip here was more an escape from stress, from others which had only seem to add drama to my life, so I left that behind and here I sat, my small cup of espresso and a on and off again gaze outside the large plate glass window. I had become an expert at this people watching and when an idea or a thought struck me, I simply jotted it down.

It was maybe a couple of hours before sunset, I was leaning back in the chair reading when something awakened me. You had just walked in, your carefully placed hint of perfume arriving just before you. As I looked your way, as you moved to the counter, while speaking softly to the barista while retrieving a small book from your should bag. I tried to look away, to focus back on my writing but I was drawn to you, so I cleared my throat to let you know I was there. But your eyes never ventured my way, like me, your thoughts seemed to be elsewhere, you took your drink and sat but a mere three feet from me. You had dressed casual and couldn’t have looked more beautiful. As you begin to read, you gathered your hair and pulled it aside, which left me with a view of your neck. I imagined you in a mirror just before arriving here, with the tip of a finger, a slight touch to your neck and placing the perfume which I smelled now.

Over the next few minutes, we introduced ourselves, you allowed me to sit with you and you talked and I of coarse, listened. As time passed, I found my smile again, something had been missing in my life for some time. We decided to walked the seawall and enjoy the hour before sunset. Summer had ended, fall just arriving so the weather was pleasant. For the first hundred yards or so I opened up, I told you a little about me and how I myself ended up here in Biarritz. It was apparent that for our own personal reasons, we had our walls up but with each step, those walls became brittle, with each step we both allowed more of ourselves to be known. As we watch the sun to our right sink closer into the horizon, an occasional couple would walk towards us hand in hand, they would give us a smile and a nod then pass behind us.

As we neared the end of the walk, we now could see the pier to which many people came to. To look upon it would certainly provoke those romantic sensations that most dreamed would rush through their bodies, it was breath taking.

biarittzpier By the time we reached it, we were no longer strangers, with each step towards the pier, our bodies remained close to each other, your laughter was so appealing, I myself was alive again. By the time we walked out to the end of the pier, most others were gone, so we leaned on the stone support and looked out over the water. I remember you nudging me to stand behind you and to hold you securely and I did so as a single strand of your hair placed itself in my lips, it was as if you had flipped a light switch, my heart beat strongly against your back, your head resting on my arm, we watched the sun fade away and you then decided to turn towards me in my arms and we kissed. We both heard a shuffling of feet and looked away and saw a much older couple get up from a bench and move away. I could not help but wonder how many times this beautiful old couple had been here as we are now.

I moved my mouth towards your ear and whispered in it, your body became warmer, I placed a small kiss behind your ear and with that, your hand pressed against my chest and we kissed more passionately. Then you felt it, my cock hardening as it pressed against your body, your hand slid down and through my jeans, your hand brushed it, then took hold of it briefly, a moan from me and we decided to head to the villa. The distance from the pier to my room wasn’t that far, but it seemed like an eternity and with each step, I began to think, to question myself. It had been so long since I had enjoyed the company of a lovely woman, I wondered if I was even capable of pleasing this woman intimately, with her contagious smile, that inviting perfume, this woman who I shared things in common with?

By the time we made it inside, night had arrived and after ordering something to be brought to the room, we went in for the night. The villa was spacious, its elegance apparent but the most memorable part was the view from the balcony. We both walked towards it, I opened the double doors and as our eyes looked outward, my hand touch yours, you took it and we walked out to admire what the evening had to offer.

biarittzatnight Outward and below, we traced our steps, from the far end to the pier just to our left, on the beach below we could see a couple making love, we watched for a short while, you kissed me lightly and announced you were going in to run us a bath. The bathroom area itself was marble, the garden tub enormous and the spa jets, ample room for the both of us. On the ledge around the tub, they furnished, bath oils, salts, oil lamps and a small window fridge, stocked with small bottles of the finest wines. You checked the temp of the water with your wrist, then lighting the lamps, you called me to come in and join you.

As I entered the bath area, it was a bit awkward for all of a few seconds, then you let me undress you. As I did so, your eyes never left mine, my heart pounded so hard from the lovely fit body I saw that I was sure you could hear it. Naked before me, my hands around your waist, you then began to undress me. As my clothes fell at my feet, there was but only one item to remove, my briefs. You had to press my cock against me so that you could remove them. We kissed and I got into the tub first as you then got in, laying between my legs as your head and back rested against my chest. My face pressed against your hair, my hands began massaging your breast, we soaped up wash cloths and bathe each other, you felt my cock throbbing against you. You turn to take it in your hand and you wash it, its stiffens harder.

We soak for some time, one of the spa jets stream hit directly in the area of your clit, your body tenses, now I can feel your heart-beating stronger. You suddenly stand, wrap a towel around yourself and head to the bedroom, you look back to ask me to bring the lotion. A couple of minutes pass, I walk in to join you, the room completely dark with the exception of the view from the balcony, which we could easily see from bed and a candle which you lit, just on the table nearest the bed. You were laying on your tummy, your head facing the balcony, which gave me a most tempting view of your beautiful legs, your butt. I get into bed just beside you and begin to lotion your body, taking my time, there was no reason to rush. I had decided to lay atop you, my chest against you back, my legs between yours. Then as we turned sideways, my hand reached around to lotion and massage your arms, your breast. We kissed, pulling your tongue into my mouth, I moved you to lay on your back, as the candle burned, as the shadows of us played about on the walls, I began kissing your tummy, your hands reaching for my head, you pressed me downwards and you softly moan.

Hours pass, the candle was itself a reminder of the time we spent exploring each others bodies,

candle There was not a place on your body that my lips had not kissed, nor a place which the tip of my tongue had not brushed. You had positioned me on my back, my cock hard and erect against my stomach, your eyes look deep within me, studying me and as you did this, you then lean down to me and you whisper into my ear, your scent saturates every pore of my body, my hands slowly lay at my sides on the bed. You take control, your hand rubs the lenght of my shaft and I begin to moan.My mind is free again, I was uncertain I could do this anymore, to allow myself to become vulnerable again. My walls are no more and as you and I make love, as the candle burns and shortens, as the night departs and the morning sun arrives, we lay in each others arms, I taste you on my lips, your scent is now my scent. Just before we fall asleep, I reach down to gather the quilt to I cover us up as we now dream together.



The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 112

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I never gets used to MOVING and always dread the entire process. You would think after moving some seventeen times already since 1996, I’d be an expert at it, well I’m not. But I am focused on this move and hopefully it can be done swiftly and inexpensively. < I’m wishing. Unfortunately I’ve had to put my writing on hold, to work as many hours for the green as possible with any free time packing and complaining. I hope all of you are well out there in the vast writing universe which we proudly call our home. When I’m done, I will be around more. pEaCe Tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 111

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Remember these?

IMG_20140808_140002  When I was a kid, perhaps even you. This was a form of escape, a method of freedom from the ails of a childhood and all that accompanies it. We all had our various methods of using it, as well as the daring heights we would swing ourselves to, often with the help of a close friend, boldly pushing us from behind.

Life indeed was much simpler, we ran around barefoot, we seldom paid attention to the time and most important, it was a great method of hanging with friends, even more important, making new ones. This particular swing is in the yard of a vacant duplex, right next to mine. Over the past 6-7 years, friends of mine have used it, some barely swinging while reading a book. I’ve seen people just walking through the neighborhood run over and sit joyfully and if they happen to make eye contact with one of us, that person would ask, “Do you mind if I swing in it?” Of course not, that is what its there for.

Before my eyes I would witness an adult or younger adult, be taken back momentarily to when as a kid, they to sought refuge on a plank fastened to two thick ropes, by someone who daringly climbed up a tree and out onto a thick branch while others below, urged that person on how to do it. Now as drove around, you would see neighborhood parks over filling with children, their laughter and energy radiating as memories began accumulating in their intelligent, artful little minds.

Time passes, cities close parks, playgrounds, than city public pools likewise. Graffiti escalates, some quite beautiful some hateful and its purpose a sign, a warning for a place once free to everyone, now belongs to a select few who don’t appreciate its history, its worth. Swings and such, once used for recreation, now decaying props in a backdrop, replaced by gang members, drug dealers, prostitution as well as a means of abduction by predators, pedophiles.

When I was a boy and became interested in girls and no longer thought of them as yucky, it was often at the swings where the innocence and all the tenderness and beauty that blooms from the heart of a child that is most precious and priceless, which we all hopefully experienced. These are the moments which become memories which we all hold onto, unwilling to let present state of the world take it away from us.

So every once in a while, I look back and reflect on the heights such a simple pleasure gave me, as I swung boldly into the unknown, my eyes catching glimpses of the clear blue sky and its bellowing white clouds, as my body lifted occasionally off that plank, as my little hands gripped the ropes tightly, so much so that blisters of joy etched into my palm, I look back and I smile at the thought of it. I hope this feeling never goes away.

peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 110

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Here’s a thought. There in Houston, Texas is the first domed stadium ever built, once considered the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. Years ago, I , along with my friends have seen concerts, rodeos, both college and pro football games as well as many other events. But of course as progress goes, the city outgrew it and the need for a better stadium/venue was to be built and it was. So the aging Astrodome became unused and over the past 3-5 years, a healthy debate over what to do with it.

The Astrodome,


astro1 astro2 It seems that no one wants to spend the millions to convert it into a convention center or any thing else. But what if we say that it is put to a use which any university in the nation would use it, let’s say for the study of climate change/global warming? Think about it, could this huge environmentally controlled venue not be the perfect laboratory, set up with all the latest technology as well as plant life/animals/reptiles, artificially created and controlled weather conditions? I’m sure with government grants, private funding from corporations/science, that we could put this well constructed relic of the past to work for everyone.

How would we get people interested in it? Perhaps by this blog, this mere spark of an idea which all of you could share/reblog ? I would hate to see a structure that some of the best minds of that period constructed be demolished when it could be put to use to learn more about what is changing and destroying our planet. Please kick this blog around a few places, perhaps we can get others interested, the right people.

thanks and peace, tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 109

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I spent the weekend in Austin, Texas, to spend some time with my oldest son Anthony as well as give the city the once over to get a better idea of the area that I want to move to. I admit, Austin has changed considerably but it is still indeed the city that I feel most comfortable in. We, meaning, Anthony, Michael, Rebecca and myself took in a movie at the Violet Crown Cinema in the downtown area and enjoyed a film called, Boyhood. A brilliant film at a jewel of a theater. The Violet Crown is a smaller theater by reservation only. Besides being located next to a parking garage, which btw validates your parking fee with a glimpse of your ticket receipt. It also has a small dining/bar area with tables and an excellent staff who is not only polite but attentive.

Please Google it and visit their website. The film itself was done over a 12 year period and although the length of the film was 3 hours, it certainly did not seem like it. A very touching story, superb acting and quite relatable, I left the theater venue with a sense of fulfilment, getting more than my money’s worth, it will always be a memorable moment in which I will look back on, quality time with two of my three sons.

We ate whole foods (a tasty bison sandwich for me) and some great authentic Mexican food after. If you are every in the Austin area and perhaps on a date, than please consider a night at the Violet Crown Cinema,

You will experience a pleasant non-rushed experience for which you will appreciate. It would not surprise me to see the film, Boyhood be nominated for many awards and most worthy of them.

A bit too much caffeine on my end, lol. I have to get back at it, peace tone

The Orphan I Am Chronicles – 108

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Oh my, what in the hell is going on with the world? I have countless notes on my point of views on this and on that. The question is, where does one even begin to start a meaningful discussion, the lesser of not two but many evils?

We have planes shot out of the air, hundreds murdered and those who killed them treated their bodies as garbage laying in a landfill, when in fact, those bodies who had nothing to do with those waging war below, were in fact laying unattended in a crime scene, with no proper respect shown to them or their families thousands of miles away.

The fighting between Israel and those in the Gaza strip, when does it end? When will adults behave like adults and stop the killing of women and children while trying to justify the outcome as collateral damage?

Ebola virus is back, only a plane flight away from arriving in your country, in my country.

Droughts, storms, famine, homeless all while hundreds in Washington D.C. blame each other, they bitch and try to cover their own ass while all along, proving to us residents of our nation that the real problem is the ‘unwillingness’ of many to attempt to fulfill campaign promises, not only made by our president but by the many elected under our president to represent and serve us, the people who placed them there.

I took a break recently and opened my mind and thought back as far as I could while trying to recall every acting president in my life time I’ve voted for and you know what? In every single presidency, everyone in my adult lifetime, Nixon, Johnson, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama (yes some may be out-of-order), I realized that despite even the ones I did not vote for, but as an American, once they were in office I did tried to support, each one while trying to do right by the American people, each one wrestled and fought with those in the Senate, Congress etc.

So I imagined the what if? What if all those past presidents had those under them to also actually have our best interest in mind? Imagine, just how better off as a nation we would be? The past few months I’ve heard many upset and many from all walks of life and political sides basically say the same thing, the real problem is those in congress, the senate who only become aware when its time for re-election or when its politically correct to be so and even then, they come across as morons, as incompetent.

It would be nice if we could clean house, vote them all out so at least our next president will be more appreciated and even better, be truly working with those who truly have the future in their best interest and not some ancient dinosaurs who only care about their bank accounts and to hell with the world and the environment, leave that worry to someone else.

Immigration? Seriously? Decades ago this would be looked upon quite differently but guess what? Today’s world is much different from let’s say, the sixties. America has always been and looked upon as the saviors of the world, especially the worst of the world. Times are different, we aren’t appreciated as we were before and this lack of worldly appreciation did not happen over night, it took many years to become this way.

As with any country, we have to know who enters our country, we have to. But to actually be able to accomplish this is near impossible and everyone outside of America knows this, everyone. Corporate America knows this, they need cheap labor and there is the problem, money. So as we all now know, people elsewhere are shoving their own children into the night while pointing in our direction, knowing the good hearts that exist in most Americans, can not turn them away.

So not just hundreds, but thousands have become our responsibility? It breaks my heart to even imagine a child, a toddler wandering out there, fighting hunger and thirst along the way, hiding from those who would use them in sex-trafficking. Who can do this? What parent would even consider driving your own out into the night, not knowing if they live or die while they go back inside and lay their head on their pillows at night and actually sleep? I’m sorry but this makes no sense to me, none.

Of course we are going to feed them and clothe them and make sure they are bathe and have a roof over their heads at night, it’s what we do. People on the outside bitch about us but like them, they only see what the media over there wants them to perceive of us and yes, that goes both ways. But there has to be a point in which even us say, enough is enough and this is one of the main reasons why,

Right now, over a thousand has died of the Ebola virus in Africa, a virus which indeed spreads quickly. Who, please tell me who can reassure us that every single person making the trek to our country is disease free? You can’t say that because the country they leave doesn’t have anything serious to worry about because, we don’t know what each person may be exposed to along the way, we just don’t.

I being an orphan, am all about properly seeing after the little ones to some degree, but there must be some form of control over it and by all means, it must be through a legal process, legal yes, illegal no. We have to know who is entering our country, just as other  countries are also concerned.

I know sometimes I tend to ramble on, but using this medium to vent does work, I appreciate your patience and understanding. I have revised the blog #106 and will show you how it looks after a first revision the next time I’m around, always busy on my end.

peace tone

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